Hollywood promotes atheism: Movie The Ledge

Hollywood once eschewed making movies that openly advocated atheism. That is no longer the case.

“The Ledge” is the latest in a series of recent Hollywood films that actively promote atheism. Director Matthew Chapman hopes that his movie will be the “‘Brokeback Mountain’ moment for atheists.”

“The Ledge” has a simple plot. An atheist seduces the attractive wife of a Christian fundamentalist. The husband, a crazy fundamentalist, lures the atheist onto a ledge and threatens to kill the wife if the atheist doesn’t jump from a ledge at a certain time.

Of course, in Christian theology, murder is forbidden in the Ten Commandments. But “The Ledge” ignores this obvious fact, portraying the fundamentalist as driven by his faith to blackmail the atheist into suicide, and the atheist as a heroic character willing to die for another person.

Along the way, the film discusses questions of God and faith - from a radically atheistic perspective…

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It is not surprising that Hollywood is slowly moving towards a more atheistic enviroment. Hollywood for the past couple of decades has been anything but friendly to the church, and the current trend of atheism is moving an industry that thrives on trends.

Hollywood has a right ot make movies that go against the beliefs of billions of people worldwide----------on the other hand, it should allow for movies that legitimize and celebrate belief and religion (the Judeo-Chritian ethoc in particular). Show a variety of viewpoints. The thing is, they do not do that----which pretty much exposes their blatant, secular bias and open proselytization of it.

Unfortunately, the way things are going, I have a felling that secularization may triumph in our society.

So what if this movie is released? It’s freedom of speech. Everyone has a right to create, we can choose to listen/watch/read or not.

Hollywood is out to make money. Personally, Hollywood hasn’t produced much art in the last couple decades. Stick to the foreign films and independent studios.

Secularism triumphed back in 1777, the problem is people are doing their best to erode the secularist ideals that many countries are now based on.

Bringing that back to the topic on hand, people are allowed to make movies about whatever they want. ANYTHING. They don’t answer to you, to the government, only to the producers/investors. So, if you feel that Hollywood is biased, get out there and get some Christian movies made. Moaning about the horrible bias of people (who have every right to be biased about whatever they want) solves none of your problems.

He must not be a very good atheist, at least according to Ayn Rand’s standards.

And when it comes to the discussion of God and faith, I prefer Cormac McCarthy. He wrote a wonderful play called The Sunset Limited. The film stars Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson. The print version is amazing and highly recommended. It’s about a Christian man (Black) and an atheist university professor (White). White tried to commit suicide, Black stopped him and brought White back to his apartment. The whole play/book is about God and the meaning of life. It really does get both sides very well. My favorite part is that when asked about his faith, McCarthy says, “It depends on the day.” So I could imagine him writing from both perspectives equally based on what he was feeling that day. A wonderful read. Highly recommend it if you wanna see/read Christian v. Atheist.

The movie sounds really bad and I suspect it will flop. As long as atheists make junk like that we shouldn’t complain. :smiley:

This nation, while not technically a totally “Christian” nation, WAS founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Just because some of the Founding Fathers leaned toward a DEISTIC (not atheistic) view of life does not mean they did not intend a Judeo-Christian view to inform our country. They certainly intended religion (and virtue) to play an important part in public life. They actually intended religion to be protected FROM government interference, not the other way around.

More Christian-themed movies are being made every day and accepted into the mainstream----you can be cusre of that. The thing is, they are not accepted by the “elite” gatekeepers--------Hollywood. The movies are “outside the mainstream.” Like I said, Hollywood should show a variety of viewpoints----NOT try to push a one-sided, blatantly secularist agenda down our throats.

As to the idea that people in Hollywood should be able to make ANYTHING they want-----no restrictions and they are answerable only to their investors-------
So you’re saying they should make kiddie porn?
After all, that is “anything.”
How about a movie calling for the deliberate mass murder of millions of people?
What do you really mean by “anything?”:confused::shrug:

I would think by “anything” he means stuff done with consent of others and obviously not illegal activity and stuff that will harm individuals. You brought in some rather extreme examples, if you can even call them examples.

Then he should have have clarified that he meant before he used such an absolutist statement as “anything.” And capitalized, no less.
Not everybody is as “knowledgeable” as he is to interpret what he said. :rolleyes:

No, Christian values were based on moral principals. Morality existed long before both Judaism and Christianity. People tend to forget that…

Basically, morality doesn’t depend on your religion, plenty of religious actions are immoral. The Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, Islamic Terror groups, Christian Terrorists, the terrors inflicted on Palestine by Israel (such as the illegal use of white phosphorous weapons), the list is nearly endless. Morality varies from individual to individual. (that is not to say that religion itself is immoral, there are plenty of persons with good morals who ascribe to religion, just as there are moral people without)

Also, wow. Glad you were able to pick apart my argument that simply. Take one word and run with that to an extreme viewpoint without making any real refutations. I think Socrates just rolled over in his grave.

Back on topic though… You can’t force your views on others. Hollywood embraces secularism, that’s that.

I’m not sure that Hollywood is to be blamed for this film. It is a low budget movie ($10 million) which opened in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan more than a month before it opened in the US. And then, the US opening was only in two cities.

That isn’t the normal Hollywood procedure. Plus the writer and director are the same person…this smacks of being a vanity project.

You’re right, you can’t force your views on others----absolutely. And that is exactly what
Hollywood has been doing for decades now with its secularist viewpoint to the detriment of all OTHER viewpoints. (Which you yourself admit).

I’m nowhere near the level of Socrates----but neither are you, either.
I was simply asking for clarification. I was not NECESSARILY trying to “pick apart” your argument.

So you do admit “anything” is a stretch, then?

And WHO decides what the “good morals” are?

Can one do that without a Higher Power?
And can it truly “stick?”
Just wondering…

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