Hollywood, U.S. Bishops Spotlight "The Rite" (Part 1)

Jan. 28 is the release date for a new movie about exorcism and faith, which is based on the story of Father Gary Thomas, official exorcist of San Jose, California.


Anyone have a solid Catholic response to the new movie The Rite? A lot of people are asking me about it and I do not know anything more than what can be derived from the trailer. What is true/not true? How is the Church portrayed? I don’t think it comes out officially until Jan 28th but some places have early releases. If you’ve seen a write up on it from a Catholic perspective I’d like to know. Thanks People:)

a priest i know is excited about this movie. he tells me he loves the book (which was written by a priest) but worries it will be another Hollywood exaggeration.

personally, what ruins it for me is that the guy who played Hannibal Lector is in it and every time i see him i expect him to be a serial killer

I am going to state my own opinion: What good would come out of seeing the movie? Watching movies like that could open the doors to demonic trouble/influence. I personality wouldn’t want to see a movie about devil possession and evil. They made the movie for entertainment. Hollywood and the media have down played Catholicism.


I also have some doubts.

The trailers don’t really show any faith in God. What good does it do to believe in the devil if God is absent?

I also found it odd that the “exorcism class” included lots of Nuns, in habit–but I thought only ordained priests may be exorcists (in this sense).

And the whole idea is rather odd. After all, “The Rite” (exorcism) is such a central rite in the Church, affecting so many of the faithful. It certainly has played a critical part in more movies than, say, baptism, or reconciliation.

There are already several forums about it here. You may have to search for them. Search under Popular Media and spirituality. There are authors’ links and catholic reviews. What I know is that the subject of the book, Fr Gary Thomas was a consultant during filming and was present during filming.

Have you read the book? I suggest you do. The author Matt Baglio was a fallen away catholic, but after what his experience, he turned to being very devout.


Actually, author is Matt Baglio and it is about Fr Gary Thomas when he went to Rome to train as an exorcist. Matt tags or joins the training, if I recall properly. My suggestion is to read the book, at least the prologue.

Yeah…I know! me too!

I agree. After all the secular media and news have done to down play the Catholic Church regrading the scandals, I am surprised that Hollywood made a movie that has anything to do with priests or Catholicism. It makes me wonder…

I suggest you read the book. There is a lot more to opening one’s self up to demonic trouble/influence than watching a movie. It’s good to know that the church is doing something about possession and how they do it. But like I said, read the book first for the more factual information.

Here is another thread on the movie:


I can’t wait to see this movie. My family will see it on opening day.

Do you feel that reading books like An Exorcist Tells His Story by Fr. Amorth would be opening up possible doors to demonic trouble? If not, then why would it be different to watch a movie in which possession is fictionally portrayed?

I’ve read the book this movie is based on, and it’s very, very Catholic. Before I read it, I thought it was going to be terrifying, and while it’s certainly scary at times, I also found it to be very faith-affirming. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, and if you don’t feel comfortable reading books or watching movies that deal with this topic, then it’s your right not to do so. But to be honest, I don’t quite understand why you think that merely watching movies like this would open someone up to evil influence. Simply watching a movie is not on the same level as participating in the occult. I highly doubt people will come away from a movie like this and decide to abandon Christianity and worship the devil instead. Interestingly, the book explains that true possession, while rare, is often caused by participation in occult activities.

I got information that seminarians in the Bay Area are watching the movie and Fr Gary Thomas will visit the seminary to give a talk about it.

I just want to say that I saw this movie tonight. I was expecting a ridiculous Hollywood movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, there were elements that were ridiculous. However, as I was leaving the theatre - I asked myself - did this increase my faith or make me want to seek God further? The answer was a resounding YES! It is a movie - and it is a Hollywood movie - but the topic of faith is also treated seriously (in my opinion). I’m not sure this movie is for everyone, but it is a good film! (I really didn’t expect it to be.) :thumbsup:

Saw the movie also yesterday, and I agree. It is about faith and belief and trust in God.:thumbsup:

To quote the movie:

“You can’t defeat the devil until you believe in him.” Understanding that exorcisms are an important ritual within our Church makes youunderstand another facet of your faith. Maybe you don’t qualify under this next statement; but I find that many people that want to denigrate this subject (book or movie) seem to not believe in the devil incarnate. and THAT is a dangerous position to put oneself. I saw the movie, and its message is that he DOES exist, and the Church is fighting him.

I Just saw the movie.


Apparently (and Fortunately), The Church has signed off on this and this is NOT another Anti-Catholic Hack Hollywood Piece.

Looking forward to the Movie. :thumbsup:

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