I found the following website great. If I had seen a fundraising campaign for this, I am sure I would have put a little money in.
scroll down to see the billboards.

Also, anyone seen this site? There have been some advertising on the Drudge Report about 12 things Catholics need to know.

Seems very good, but first time I have seen.



Great websites.

You know these Moore-ons really get me. Hey all of Hollywood elites! Give back your tax refunds or donate them to charity! Is Michael Moores limousine a hybird? Sean Penn and Ben Affleck? these two together don’t make one brain. Chevy Case? PLEASE! He and Al Franken think because they were on SNL’s “Weekend Update” 30 years ago that people actually will listen to them . Perhaps the drugs they were doing have messed with their memories and these guys actually think they were on the news! I am still nauseous from when Whoopi made the rude gesture on TV. :bigyikes:

MartinSheen can be summed up by that old tylenol commercial “I may not be the President…but I play one on TV”

On top of it all they just dont want to admit that their guy LOST! :crying:

And “W” is still President :thumbsup:

Hollywood was a big help in the election. At times it did seem that the Michael Moore’s were going to win and that was hard to accept or believe. I think the billboard is funny mainly because it is Hollywood style. I don’t know if it is worth the money because there are more places I would put mine. I am sending the message with my money to Hollywood. I say no to all their garbage now, not just some of it. I haven’t seen many movies and I have only watched the news for about 2 years. I like Catholic radio, talk radio, FOX news, and then the CA forums.

I personally think that Hollywood lost a whole lot more than an election. I hope they reexamine their priorities and make room for God and those of us that believe in Him.

Actually after 9/11, Hollywood and the “Great White Way” has become just about irrelevant which accounts for much of their present demeanor insisting that their Mt. Olympus status return to what it was.

I lived at the time in area where a major award ceremony was scheduled, it was deferrred due to 9/11 - for three months you couldn’t rent a bodyguard, a limo, a driver and the karate school grads were freeelancing round the clock. Fancy gun shops were selling out. No one went to the usual restaurants, hotels or threw public gatherings in the “gollywood” crowd. They literally went to “ground” even for the most inocuous things. It seemed as one reporter wrote that every goll darned one of’em believed that the entire terrorist movement was going to show up at their Malibu or Canyon homes and take hostages.

The Awards people vainly tried to get presenters, speechifiers, etc. Not a one of them would do anything public. Finally, they got it together and a “dress down” awards was held. More cops than the Annual Policeman’s Ball, more private security than the Prez, and the opening line of the Master of Ceremonies (a virtual unknown from some association since no one else would do it) was “well we’re all here tonight to show “them” we are not afraid.”

I fell on the floor laughing. And then they all left with visibly armed protection, into their dark glassed limos and went to wherever they go…"

Whatta bunch - you gotta laugh. And today we find that Sharon Stone was invited to Davos and offered $10K in aid and “dared” her well heeled audience of international power brokers and bureaucrats to match her - well way to go I guess. That’s what I call a serious meeting - Sharon Stone as the guest of honor. Gimme a break.

God bless Michael Moore and Farenhiet 9/11…and Al Franken is to me one of the funniest and most intelligent political humorist truth seekers I have read. This doesnt mean I agree with everything these guys believe in…but the majority of it I sure do… I hope I NEVER find a group I 100% agree with (except for the Church) cause if I do, its a recipe for ego & disaster…I think its sinister to want a govt controlled by ALL Republicans and Conservatives as well as one with ALL Democrats and Liberals…the Checks and Balances get lost… and that is sinister…and THAT is what we have NOW…I pray Democrats get a foothold in some aspect of Govt once again…we are ALL a fallen creature and to think ALL Conservatives/Republicans are somehow linked with God and Democrats/Liberals are not is pure fallacy…the Devil comes NOT with horns and a pitchfork but as an angel of light…dont forget it.

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