Hollywood's 'Big Atheist Comedy' Pokes Fun at Christians, 'Man in the Sky'

Moviegoers discovered over the weekend that actor and director Ricky Gervais not only lies in his new film, but that he also lied when assuring them that “The Invention of Lying” is not atheist propaganda.

“It’s Hollywood’s big atheist comedy,” wrote New York Post movie critic Kyle Smith on Sunday.

Several days before the Oct. 2 release of “The Invention of Lying,” Smith revealed that the movie “might be the most blatantly, one-sidedly atheist movie ever released by a major studio, in this case Warner Bros.”

But contrary to what you might think, Smith is not “one of those hyper-sensitive Bible lovers who thinks the secularists are coming to strip my Christmas tree down to a Midwinter Solstice Pole.”

“Actually, no. Like Gervais, I’m an atheist,” he confessed.

And even for Smith, “The Invention of Lying” was over-the-top.

“Gervais delights in what a faith-based society would call blasphemy, setting up an imaginary world in which no one ever lies. Except his character, who spreads what Gervais obviously sees as the biggest lie of all: Belief in God,” the film critic wrote in his personal blog.

The movie – directed, produced, and starring Gervais – is set in an alternative reality in which no one has ever lied. And not only does no one tell a lie, but people often tell the entire truth, or blurt out very blunt remarks and opinions that people in normal society would normally keep to themselves.

Organized religion does not exist in this world, nor are there any forms of fiction, in both film and literature.

Read more: christianpost.com/article/20091006/hollywood-s-big-atheist-comedy-pokes-fun-at-christians-man-in-the-sky/index.html

This sort of thing has been under the surface. Now it’s presented as mainstream comedy and millions will be delighted by it.
No doubt, Christians and probably even some Catholics here on CAF will join the fun and proclaim how funny and great the film really is (and they’ll ridicule anyone who is concerned about it).

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