Hollywood's New Bible Stories

Apparently, there are a number of big-budget Bible-based movies coming down the pike, including one about Noah starring Russel Crowe:

Hollywood’s New Bible Stories

I am cautiously optimistic. Hopefully Hollywood has learned the lesson that being “edgy” and “controversial” (a la “Last Temptation of Christ”) is a recipe for financial disaster while being authentic and respectful (a la “The Passion of the Christ”) is a recipe for financial success. I guess I won’t be that surprised either way.

Eh over 20 years Hollywood has done nothing but trash Christianity and the Bible…now they are going to do a 180…oh this should be good.

Gimmick. It’s a plot device. They also made a movie about Thor. They made movies about ancient Greek gods and so on. Think of a “Satanic” symbol in a Japanese anime, it’s there because it looks intriguing and exotic but it’s just a gimmick too, it’s not there to draw people to Satanism or promote it, but to get people to buy the DVD because the show looks ‘cool’.

On the other hand, sometimes Hollywood does get it, right:

I am genuinely interested in teh Noah movie, it’s being done by one of my favorite director’s Darren Aronofsky. Based on his track record, I’d say it’s going to be beautifully shot, somewhat depressing, and have music by Clint Mansell, which is also awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

I have yet to see The Passion of the Christ nor do I intend to…To me it was successful because people were intrigued, “R” rating and churches were pushing for their congregation to go…I don’t need a play by play to know that Christ died in a gruesome way…we can continue to teach our children about the crucifixion without giving them nightmares.

I look forward to the new movies with a hope that they are truly biblical and can be watched together as a family regardless of age. IMO A point can bre made without being overly graphic.

I’m not sure I agree that this particular point CAN be made in a less graphic manner, though. If, as you claim, most of us know that Christ died in a spectacularly brutal and horrendously painful manner, why would the simple act of seeing what we already know to be the case make any difference? There’s something about the visual impact that creates a new sort of knowledge, a new level of awareness and understanding of a principle that we only merely mentally apprehended before. To deny that it was successful in part because of the emotional impact it had on its viewers doesn’t, in my opinion, give due credit to the film.

I’m one of those who believes that we have a certain duty to see what we did to Christ, and so I watch it every Good Friday. I recognize that most people don’t agree, and that’s fine. I certainly don’t hold that we are obliged under pain of sin to do so!

I would like to see it, if only to have a better understanding of the physical trauma associated with the event, however, I don’t think I could stomach it. Last Good Friday, the priest at the church I went to gave a very graphic depiction of the events, and it was enough to almost make me physically ill. I don’t know what seeing it would do to me, but I doubt it would be pretty.

I saw the crucifixion in The Greatest Story Ever Told and try to watch this film every Easter…this was plenty graphic enough for anyone to understand what Christ went through, IMO.

Besides if you have ever heard about the happenings that went on in the making of the Passion of the Christ, one might be less apt to support it. This of course is only my personal opinion.

I can undertand your point of view, but I must say that the Passion of the Christ was an incredibly moving experience for me. My youngest child (9) will not see it for many years but I am thinking and praying about possibly suggesting it to my oldest (14) at the beginning of Lent. It is truly an experience.

God bless

I saw it in theaters when I was 20 with my mother. First and only movie to ever bring tears to my eye, and I was sobbing pretty hard by the end.

The thing about the visualization is it opened up my eyes to how much Christ suffered for my sins, and your sins, for everyone’s sins. It wasn’t the Romans crucifying Him, nor the Jews - it was you and me, and seeing that was too much to bear, so I just let it out.

All I want to see is “The Fall of Sodom and Gomorrah” Rated-PG-13
Directed and Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. :thumbsup:

Do you have a link to this movie…I googled with no luck

I think that was a joke.

Sorry. Guess with the subject that should have been easy to spot. NOT!

Yeah it was a joke. Sorry for getting your hopes up HouseofSaul

I’d like to see the Noah picture, and I hope it will lead to a resurgence of films based on the rich subject matter of the Bible!

Maybe the Gibson Maccabees script will even make it out of development hell!!!


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