Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic books are being sold on Amazon


Several books downplaying or denying Second World War genocide appear in countries where doing so is a criminal offence



In the United States, that’s hard to do. Whilst I find them despicable, I also realise that there are some legitimate reasons one may want to read them. For instance, I had a history professor that stated quite plainly, that if people would have actually read Mein Kampf, they probably not have supported Hitler.


Banning books even rotten distasteful horrid books is a bad idea. This leaves the door open for others to ban books later, that you care about.


Agreed. Censorship and book-banning should not be what we are about.


While these books possess evil content, banning them is very hypocritical because the Nazis burned and banned books too. After all, we have freedom of speech. You can say whatever you want.


I could see banning anti-Catholic books and atheist ones too. They are more evil. But as long as those types of books are ok, along with Communist Manifesto and some others I could name, well, these books have to get a pass too.


Yes,*** provided anti-Semitic is defined strictly as Hitler-type books - those that advocate the genocide of Jewish people.***

Books disagreeing with the Jewish religion, Jewish philosophy, dispensationalist views of Israel or “dual-covenant theology” (for example) should not be considered anti-Semitic. Unfortunately, under the “big umbrella” theory followed by liberal organizations, even saying “I think the New Covenant supersedes the Old” is considered “anti-Semitic”.

It’s worth listening to Pope Francis on the topic: w2.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/speeches/2017/february/documents/papa-francesco_20170209_anti-defamation-league.html

Note his specific mention of violence and protecting the weakest, but not of any sort of philosophical or theological censorship.


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