Holocaust Museum Recalls Acts of Heroism by Poles in 'Rescuers' Exhibit

On Sunday, an exhibit that retells the stories of extraordinary acts opened at the Holocaust Memorial Center Zekelman Family Campus in Farmington Hills (Michigan) . . .

The exhibit consists of six large, four-panel stands of photos and stories of Polish men and women who worked to save the Jews from the Nazis during World War II.

It was only in Poland among Nazi-occupied territory that helping or sheltering Jews was punishable by death, and that was the fate of some of the Poles, Traison said



The Exhibit runs through October 7.

It is a fairly well known fact amongst European historians who know about WW II that between the NAZI and Copmmunist invasions of Poland and its liberation in 1945, not one Pole ever turned over a Jew to either the German or Russian oppressors.
Yes, there were several instances of attempted pogroms in 1945, but they were instigated by supposed ethnic Poles who were relocated from Russia into Eastern Poland by the Soviets who were notoriously anti-semetic. It was Soviet policy to not allow the occupants of the various concentration camps to return to their original home areas. As displaced persons, they were forced by the Soviets to go to camps in Western Europe, forcing the Western allies to take care of them.

There were also what one calls Volksdeutches who were ethnic Germans sympathetic to Hitler who did collaborate with Germans and who spoke perfect Polish. They often betrayed people who worked with the resistance or protected Jews.

Sadly while the Jewish community these days commemorates German Nazis - Schindler’s List (even there he shows Polish kids mock Jews) - few actually have good things to say about the Poles in the public media. We more often hear accusations of antisemitism from the Jewish community whenever someone of Jewish descent does not get their way in Poland. In many cases Poles get a worse opinion then Germans. And let’s not get started on the “Polish Concentration Camp” thing. And when someone mentions the prominence of secular Jews in the Polish Communist nomenklatura and even now among the left wing media in Poland, they risk being accused of anti-semitism too even though their criticism is not of Jews but of those people who favoured the Internationale aspect of Communism to oppose Polish self determination and culture/religion.

Roman Polanski, a Polish Jew, is more favourable. Unlike Spielberg he experienced the Holocaust and was saved by a Polish couple. His films are also of a greater caliber than Spielberg who is an artisan to Polanski being an artist.

Truly, small acts can have great consequences. One can create a ripple, but one cannot control one. Only God can do that.

Well if we listen to Pat Buchanan maybe if the West did not give Poland the assurances of support in 1939, then Poland would have rolled over and let Hitler have Gdansk (Danzig) and maybe go with the Nazi plan of attacking the Soviet Union together with the Nazis. Hitler had such ideas too. Of course Poland would have to turn their 3 million Jews over to Nazi Germany for the Final Solution too.

In some way the Poles did draw the West into the European war. You can say Americans died because of that, although that was really precipitated by Japan. From my personal POV, I thank the Imperial Japanese for drawing the US into WW2 and putting an end to Nazism. Sadly they could not get rid of Communism, but why should Americans die for others.

If push came to shove, despite everything, I think America would have eventually joined the war even without Pearl Harbor.

A little bit more historical background:

Yet Poland also produced the greatest number of rescuers. To date, more than 6,350 non-Jews in Poland have been recognized by Yad Vashem, more than any other country, Israeli Ambassador Zvi Rav-Ner said.

Yad Vashem’s statistics show that after Poland, the Netherlands has the most number of “righteous” — 5,204 — followed by France’s 3,513.


The Customer Review of the Compilation contains a lot of historical information:

There is also a list of 450 Poles known to have been murdered by the Germans for helping Jews. This list includes the names, ages, and place of domicile of the Poles. Although western-European benefactors of Jews could be put to death in individual (especially extreme) instances, it was only in German-occupied Poland that there was an automatic death penalty for the slightest assistance to Jews


Unfortunately, these historical facts are ignored by what was the History Channel and PBS (I avidly watched / watch both).

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