holy cards

I have many holy cards and was wondering how I could organize them etc. so I could put them to better use…any suggestions.
thanks in advance

Well, this is one thing that I do:

I have a very long but not very deep shelf on my wall that I’ve placed my Holy Cards. As I see them quite often this way, they remind me to be Holy as they have been and to seek their intercession.

They are more than like my family. The are my family! And yours too!! :thumbsup:

So there is one idea.

Mine are often bookmarks. As to your collection, there are popular card games (such as Pokemon) which require an organized collection. You can buy boxes and organizers for those cards, and it seems to me that they are about the size of holy cards. Here are some examples.

Maybe you could arrange them in small albums and take them to places where senior citizens are so thy can enjoy them. Especially the ones with nice holy pictures on them. Maybe you could put a picture on one side and a prayer on the other. Ones for children would be nice for their enjoyment too. God Bless, Memaw

You can purchase clear baseball card sleeves at the craft store and keep them in a binder. The pockets are the same size, and you can read the prayers on the back easily.
The children of our Catholic school do this and flip through the pages marveling at each other’s cards.


I would go with that if i was you and put them in a binder that way you can always add more and it is cheaper. These sheets have pockets for cards to be held in. They won’t take up as much room either because it would be like a book.

When my grandchildren were small I used to put them in baggies and take them to Mass when they went with me. They loved them. I see you have a son, perhaps you could do this.

Aren’t they beautiful? I love mine.

What I do is sort of trade off which ones are out at any given time, so I can focus on their message individually. The ones “out of circulation” are stored away from dampness or light.

I used to trade as a kid, but now most of my holy cards I obtain at funerals, and it just doesn’t seem right somehow……:wink:

You can mount them in the center of a colored piece of matboad or cardboard to fit a 4X6 or 5X7 inch decorative frame under glass and give them as Christmans gifts. They look especially nice in a fancy little frame.

I use the ones that are not laminated. You can do front picture and back side with the prayer next to it in a larger frame if you have duplicates.

These are wonderful ideas ! Getting ready to find a coupon for a hobby store and get some baseball card sleeves!
Blessings to all,

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