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Why do we have statues of baby Jesus in our churches. I know that St.Therese was named after the Holy Child. Can anybody point me to more infor somewhere?


We as catholics have a bigger picture of God that we bring into our devotional life. God called Himself "I AM".

Having no begining and no end.....He is at all places, at all times all at once. He's still in the stable, He's on the cross, He's at your death, He's on mount Sinai etc etc. All times are present to Him. Christ died once and for all! ......but at mass , we believe the priest is able to tap into eternity and re-present calvary on the alter.

The child Jesus is a devotional. God being outside of time and everywhere at all times.....if coming to Christ is easier for someone or more relatable by seeing Him as He was (is) a child......then that is a great devotion for someone. To love and serve a king who is a holy,sweet and loving child that wants to grab and hold onto you more than you want to hold onto Him......awsome.



I know that St. Faustina mentions the Christ Child often in her Diary. Here’s a good site for some info:



What a beautiful image you have place before me. I have NEVER thought of Jesus as "the child who wants to hold on to us more than we want to hold on to him!!!" But, it's true. We get so distracted by the glitz of the world. Now, when I see that little child with his arms opened wide, I will think of Him wanting to hold on to me so I don't get lost.:)


Your welcome.

I was thinking of my son. When I get busy and he's jumping up and down and pulling on my clothes just begging to be picked up......but I'm too busy, I'm concerned about other things. Isin't that just like God ?

He really put a lot of faith in us didn't He......really, faith of a child!

If you think of it, we are supposed to take care of CHrist in the people around us, He's pure innocense like a child, He makes Himself completely vulnerable to us.

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