Holy Christian Orthodox Church

has anyone ever heard of this group…are they even valid? One of their Churches recently moved into my area and I was wondering who they were? here’ some sites:

Here’s the patriarch: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Paul_Baymon



Thanks! God Bless!

Something feels not quite right there to put it mildly. I imagine one of our Orthodox posters from the US can probably say if this Church is a valid part of Eastern Orthodoxy or not. In the interval I am going to pop over to an Orthodox forum I use and ask…

I think this paragraph from their website will answer your questions

With a background in the Church of God in Christ, Paul entered the autocephalous movement and was ordained in August 1999 by Carl Jimenez, Peter Brennan, James Lagona, and Joseph Grenier. The ICHCOC has recently established its U.S. Headquarters in Springfield, MA following the purchase of the historic Springfield Masonic Temple, renamed the Basilica of the Holy Apostles.** The church is devoted to offering a place where the three major streams of Christianity (Catholic, Evangelical and Pentecostal) can worship together.** In September 2007, the Holy Christian Orthodox Church, and the Holy Synod of Bishops voted, and elected him as Patriarch of the International Communion.

In my mind - they belong to no known Canonical Church - stay away

I missed that paragraph which definitely would have been a red flag. In the interval an Orthodox deacon and priest have both chimed in on another forum to say ‘STAY AWAY’ from this group for anyone interested in exploring or joining the Orthodox Churches.

Oh indeed - they are neither Catholic nor Orthodox . Their leader is just " doing his own thing " and pretty successfully - wonder how he has managed to ensure that the money keeps rolling in.

Yeah, I’m going to have to go with “no” on this one. Stay away, stay very far away.


In this US, Orthodox churches that are in SCOBA are canonical Orthodox churches.

The following page lists many so-called “Orthodox” churches that are really not Orthodox:

The listing for Holy Christian Orthodox Church in Indian Orchard, MA seems to be the same as the Springfield, MA location for the Holy Christian Orthodox Church you posted.

Thanks ya I assumed that something was strange about them, i’m still wondering why they are so successful in so little time :confused:

There is obviously something wrong about this group.

If they’re not Greek Orthodox, and they’re not Russian Orthodox, not even Armenian Orthodox, and I can tell they’re most definitely not Catholic, what are they?

Hmm…the idea of an American Orthodox Church seems to bring into mind. :shrug:

I’d say stay away aswell, but before I’d shut them down, I’d want to study them a bit and see what’s up with them. Although, maybe that might not be a good idea either. =/

There is the OCA, or the Orthodox Church in America. They are a legit Orthodox Church. But the one the OP has stated is not. I’m not Orthodox, but just by the name I know they are not legit. They don’t even sound like a schismatic group, but rather one that just tries to bank on the name.

Not in communion with the Eastern Orthodox Church; perhaps he has convinced at least some of his followers that he is?

“…the communion has grown to over 4.5 million faithful around the world… With a background in the Church of God in Christ, in August 1999, Archbishop Timothy made history as the first Pentecostal Bishop entering an autocephalous movement and consecrated into the Orthodox faith by Carl Jimenez, Peter Brennan, James Lagona, and Joseph Grenier… Archbishop is the Sr. Pastor of the International Basilica in Springfield, MA and president of Epiphany Development Corporation which is building a $10 million boutique hotel at the Epiphany Tower building on State Street in that city”

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Paul_Baymon Wiki reliability unconfirmed by this poster; on the face of it some of the claims seem as cobbled together as the description of his ordination.

"Archbishop Timothy Paul, himself attended Wheaton College and American University…
[sarcasm]…Wheaton, that mecca of Orthodox thought [/sarcasm]
“attended…” …graduated?

Not every day one reads of a presumed Orthodox bishop building a 10 million dollar hotel…

Also noticed “Liturgical Dance” on the fellow’s local calendar ( internationalbasilica.org/archbishop.html )

Try that as an “archbishop” in the Eastern Orthodox Church and you probably won’t be a bishop for very long…

…we don’t go for that kind of new-fangled Novus Ordo stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

The fellow also recently nominated Dr. Martin Luther King and Oral Roberts for sainthood. charismanews.com/us/40063-martin-luther-king-jr-nominated-for-sainthood

With no disrespect intended to the late Dr. King or Oral Roberts, we don’t have Protestant saints.

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