Holy Communion (or lack of it)


Could anyone recommend what I can do as I am not getting access to the Eucharist, the Deacon who regularly gives it me has not been for 6 weeks and now I am told the next Chaplain to visit is on 24 Sept.


Receive by desire. That would be very pleasing to God. Really meditate.


You are in a correctional facility? Is there a particular parish responsible for you? (How many priests are in your county/area?) I would imagine that there are qualified laymen who would volunteer to bring communion. You should also have access to a priest for confession. Can you write to the parish, or the bishop asking for more regular visits?


I am in a psychiatric hospital, I suppose I could ask my friend who is a Friar but it would not be full communion, the Deacon only gave me the Body of Christ but not the Blood.


The bread is consecrated into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. You don’t need the blood.


Yeah, you don’t need to receive both to receive “full” communion.

If you can’t receive for reasons beyond your control, offer that up to God. Good luck on your healing process.


Thanks Brother I am almost on my way down to low secure in the next few months so the healing process is well under way, back to the Communion I will contact my Diocese Bishop


Glad to hear it. I hope things continue looking up. Keep following the advice of your physicians. :+1:

As for communion, if you can’t receive that day, just offer up some time in prayer. God isn’t going to blame you for not receiving if you’re prevented by reasons beyond your control.


I’m sorry this is happening to you.

I would recommend that you make a Spiritual Communion every day. You just devoutly say this prayer.


It’s designed for situations like yours, for any person who is someplace where they can’t receive regular Holy Communion.
Jesus understands and He will come be with you when you make the act of Spiritual Communion.
And then after you receive Him spiritually, make a thanksgiving just like for regular Holy Communion.

God bless.


I would also recommend “Adoration-Outside-the-Walls”. This entails pointing yourself in the direction of the closest Catholic Church and adoring Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. St Alphonsus Liguori recommended that if the church is locked to adore Our Lord from the church yard. What I recommend is basically the same.

May St Dymphna intercede for your continued progress.

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican


Dear friend GOD remains in charge so PRAY very much AND make a daily Spiritual Act of Holy Communion

An Act of

My Jesus,
I believe that You
are present in the Most Holy Sacrament.
I love You above all things,
and I desire to receive You into my soul.
Since I cannot at this moment
receive You sacramentally,
come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You.

I Pray this daily,

God Bless you,


Thank you for your advice and prayers I find it really useful.
Peace be with your spirit.


I’ve finally got a Priest coming to give me Communion at 10.45 this morning


Thank you Jesus!


No communion i’m afraid, we just sat and talked for an hour and said the Deacon will come again and give me Communion, it was very inspirational though he recommended I join the Franciscan Third Order.


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