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I need help please…
My daughter will be making her First Holy Communion the end of April and I need to know where I can find Plus Size Communion dresses. I don’t want to go to a bridal salon, they don’t carry the traditional dresses. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



If money is not an issue there are several sites online that carry them. Just search Plus size communion dresses.

JC Penney has some also. More affordable.

I think some people have gotten them off Ebay and liked them.


Is there a Catholic store nearby? We have one in our town that not only sells books and church supplies, but also vestments and communion dresses. They can usually special order, too.


JC Penney is the only place we could ever find good plus sizes for granddaughter, try the catalog if there is nothing in the local store.


first of all, she’s not plus sized, she’s probably NORMAL sized, but don’t get me started.

I actually found that the more expensive the dress, the better it was constructed, and the better it fit my own “normal” sized daughter. I think, if I remember, I got hers at Lord and Taylor. All the ones at the JCPenny’s looked really cheap and they didn’t fit all that well anyway. They just looked big and ugly.

The thing I really had trouble with was shoes! of all things. All the shoes were these 2" high hoochie mama shoes. Not appropriate for a 7 year old.


I know that this doesn’t help the OP much, but after having 3 going on 4 girls make their first communion, I have learned a few things. One thing I do is to purchase the dress the summer before, when first communion season is over and all of the dresses go on clearance. I have gotten some beautiful dresses at very reasonable prices for my first three daughters this way. Number 4 will be making hers next year, so we’ll start the shopping this summer.


SEARS!!! Yes, Sears!!! And they have them online!!! They also have (thank goodness) sizes for skinny, tall girls!!! In fact, they were on sale two weeks ago for $39 and change. Grandma did not have to dust off the sewing machine for a simple girls’ dress with sleeves.
If the link doesn’t work: Go to www.sears.com , then go to the CLOTHING tab, then click GIRLS PLUS in the side menu, then scroll to the bottom. The manufacturer is Muneca.

Hobby Lobby has simple veils in the bridal section, already sewn and sized for First Communion heads, $6.99-$9.99. You add the flowers, or crown, or headband, what-have-you. This is good for tall and plus little girls because what looks good on the “average” girl may not on them. You could also go with a simple big bow at the back of the head, or a floral wreath.

Spring weight tights are on sale at Wal-Mart, as are white shoes without clunky heels and most of the shoe missing. Payless also has some shoes that will do the trick. Gloves are not really necessary.


For one thing…you don’t know anything about my daughter! YES, she IS plus size. At 7, she is a size 18!!! She is tall!
If I wanted your kind of opinion, I would have posted my thread as “What Is Your Opinion About My Daughter”.

I will just take everyone elses advice thank you very much.


Thank you very much…already checked Sears and Sears Online, didn’t care to much for the ones in the store though.

I very much appreciate 99% of the replies that were sent and will try JCPenny’s.

God Bless


A little touchy aren’t you? Perhaps you should have included that information in your 1st post. I was going to offer you some places to shop however with your attitude I think I will just move on and let you be.


This is the first sentence of your first post to me:

Originally Posted by fnz2thrght
first of all, she’s not plus sized, she’s probably NORMAL sized, but don’t get me started.

A little touchy yes! Why else would I say that she was plus sized! hmmmm

As I stated before, I have taken everybody’s advice except for yours and went to JcPenney’s where I found a beautiful dress that didn’t look cheap and fits her well!:thumbsup:


Wow - I think people were trying to be helpful and kind.


Get a pattern and have a dress maker sew you one.


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