Holy Day Mass this year


If one attends a vigil Mass on Dec. 8 this year, will it also count for Sunday, the 9th?


No, it will not.

In the US there are two obligations – one for the Immaculate Conception and one for the Second Sunday of Advent. That means you must attend two Masses this weekend.

For the Immaculate Conception you may attend Mass on Friday evening or anytime on Saturday. For the Sunday Mass you may attend on Saturday evening or anytime on Sunday. Either way, you need to attend two Masses.


You have to attend two masses but you could attend the Friday vigil then Sunday to give yourself a day in between if you wanted that space



Has this not been discussed in 4 other threads?


Do you mean attend the evening mass on December 8 to fulfill the Immaculate Conception holy day obligation? You are being a bit ambiguous.

The evening mass on Saturday, December 8 can certainly fulfill the Sunday obligation for Dec 9.

What it cannot do is fulfill both the Immaculate Conception AND the Sunday Obligation. Two obligations, two masses.


At least 4!




Sorry, didn’t seen it.


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