Holy Day of Obligation- Immaculate Conception

I am a Roman Catholic who is in the process of changing rites to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. I’ve been going to a Ukrainian Church for several years now. Nevertheless, since I am still canonically a Roman Catholic I make sure that I follow all the Holy Days of Obligation of the Latin Rite.

I was under the impression that if a Holy Day of Obligation fell on a Saturday (in the United States) that it was transferred to Sunday, however a Roman Catholic told me that this “is no longer the case” and that this Saturday (December 8th) is a Holy Day of Obligation that was NOT transferred to Sunday. Please advise. Does this differ by diocese?

I will probably be going to Divine Liturgy that day anyway, and Canon Law says obligations can be fulfilled in ANY Catholic rite, but I still want to know. Please advise.

It has not been deferred. Make sure you check that the Divine Liturgy you attend isn’t a Sunday obligatory service! Hopes this helps!

Some of them are transferred but never the Immaculate Conception.

Because it’s in Advent and Sundays of Advent are higher ranked in the liturgical calendar, if it happens to fall on a Sunday (as it will in 2013) it is transferred to Monday.

You are correct that attending a Divine Liturgy on Saturday will fulfill your obligation for the Immaculate Conception.

This doesn’t technically matter. Canonically he is only obliged to attend a mass celebrated in a Catholic rite on the holy day itself or the evening before hand. Any divine liturgy he attends from Friday evening through Saturday evening will satisfy his IC obligation even if it isn’t a liturgical celebration of the IC. That being said, he would still be obliged to attend another mass/divine liturgy at any point between Saturday evening and Sunday evening to satisfy his Second Sunday of Advent obligation.

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