Holy day of obligation mass? Question!



So yesterday I went on a retreat to where Our Lady of Mount Carmel gave the scapular to St Simon of Stock in Aylesford, Kent. I got back at 4:30 and the mass began at 5:30 (as the Saturday vigil mass) so I asked my mum whether I could go then because I thought it would be helpful for her. Half way through I realised its a holy day of obligation the next day (Divine mercy Sunday) and the canonisation…

I asked this morning, “Could I go to mass, please. It’s very important that I do!”
My mum said: “No because you went yesterday”

I tried to explain the importance of the day and why I should go but to no avail.

So I was wondering. If you go to the Saturday vigil mass the day before a Sunday Holy Day of Obligation would it count?


Yes, the Saturday evening Vigil satisfies your obligation for Sunday.

The fact that is Divine Mercy Sunday and that 2 Popes are being Canonized has no bearing on today’s “obligation”, it’s just the “icing on the cake” for today!! :wink:


Yes. Absolutely.

The Saturday evening Mass is the Mass of Sunday. There’s no difference between the Sunday Mass at 5:30 PM on Saturday and the one at 9 AM on Sunday. They are both the Sunday Mass.

Sometimes, the ritual itself might be a bit different (remember especially the Easter Vigil Mass a week ago), and of course, they won’t be identical in every way (the hymns on Saturday evening might be different than Sunday morning). But still, the Mass on Saturday evening is the Sunday Mass.


Every Sunday is a holy day of obligation.



Yes, I wondered about that apparent confusion, too. As was said earlier, OP, this Sunday isn’t made any more of an obligation because it is Divine Mercy Sunday. We are bound to go to Mass every Sunday. Are you perhaps getting the term ‘Holy Day of Obligation’ confused with Feast Day/Solemnity?


Yes it is the first Mass of Sunday in liturgical time .

I hope you enjoyed your time at the Friars .


Were you planning on receiving an indulgence for Divine Mercy Sunday and missed it?


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