Holy Days of Obligation (December 8th)


As you all probably know December the 8th is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (a day of obligation in many countries) which is not a day of obligation in the UK (from what I’ve heard correct me if I am wrong). Whilst I live in the UK I’m not from here. My country is not majority Catholic and I have found no mention of what holy days of obligation there are back home. Do I follow UK rules since I live here? I’m only asking since attending Mass on Friday would be possible but pretty inconvenient and whilst I would attend anyways if the situation was different I think I’m not obliged to (phew) but am asking here to make sure. Many thanks :slight_smile:


I wish you could just go regardless, this is a little off.
You’re just visiting, correct?


No I live here and have been living for a year although I leave quite often for long periods of time.


You are bound by the obligations of your place of residence; where you come from prior isn’t relevant. AND, for travelers, there can even be another advantage of having an exception when travel takes you across boundaries for a length of time.


It’s a solemnity in the UK.
It seems a very complicated situation in the UK, and just this year they are implementing more holy days of obligation it seems, making it more confusing.


Try to go if you can it will be a great gift to Our Lord to see you there and especially Our Blessed Mother.


I found this chart of holy days of obligation in UK. It doesn’t seem to have Immaculate Conception . Maybe it can help someone with respect to the other holidays.


I agree it is confusing when you are in a different country, or even when in the US, in a different diocese from one’s normal one as sometimes the dioceses make different rules.

I myself would want to just go anyway, though it’s not obligatory, but if that’s not possible for you, maybe because there aren’t Masses at a time when you can attend, then I understand.


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