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I tried asking this on a diffrent forum and didn’t get a resonse. I can’t remeber if it’s “All souls Day” or “All Saints Day”, sorry my memory of once heard words isn’t that good. anyhow I was wondering about the Holy Day on November 1 (which ever one of those, if one of those, ) would be my first Holy day and I was wondering if someone would tell me what to expect so I don’t look like a complete idiot (kinda what most people look like when they go to their first mass out of cuoriousty)? And would someone tell me the complete set of holy days so I don’t goof later on? Do all Holy day services have the same format or are do they each have a disently diffrent set of movements? Thanks for the help.


All Saints day is November 1 and is a holy day of obligation.

All Souls day is November 2 and is NOT a holy day of obligation.

If you have been to mass before, then it is just like a Sunday mass. Masses on Holy days of obligation are more “Sunday-like” and longer than the typical weekday mass.

Complete set (for the United States):

*]January 1 Mary Mother of God
*]40th day of Easter (39 days after Easter Sunday) The Ascension of the Lord
*]August 15 Assumption of the Virgin Mary
*]November 1 All Saints
*]December 8 Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary
*]December 25 Christmas


some of the dates of holy days of obligations may fall on certain days of the week that the bishop of some diocese may move to the following sunday.


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