Holy Days?????

O.k., I converted to our Holy Mother Church 13 years ago and this is something I still don’t understand, how is a feast day a holy day of obligation one year but not the next?:confused: One prime example, All Saints Day, I just don’t get it, why is it a H.D.O. outside the USA, but not here? I can understand not obsereving the feast days of all the saints in every country as H.D.O.'s, but shouldn’t we all be sharing the feast of All Saints as the Church Universal? Would someone please explain this to me???
Linda H.:hmmm:

Hey Linda,

Relax…calm down…lol.

All SAints Days is a Holy Day of Obligation…in the US.

Normally, though, when a Holy Day of Obligation falls on a Saturday or Monday, the obligations is some what dispensed.

You should still go and it is recommended, but my understanding is that Sunday is the Primary obligation in this case…

Im sure some one else will post a response much greater thnan this but i hope I helped.


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If that’s the case it just another lazy/easy out for Catholics in the USA, do your “Sunday duty” and it will cover the H.D.O. as well. If that’s the case then we are merging Christ the King(Traditional) and All Saints into one Sunday, and with the election on Tuesday I’ll bet it gets ignored altogether.

Linda H.

[quote=johnq]here is a similar thread


Thanks for the link, I have to admit that I didn’t bother to look and see if anyone else had a thread going on this, shame on me. I read the thread for top to bottom and one thing bothered me, the post that made reference to just attend mass everyday, then you don’t have to worry about missing a H.D.O., not everyone has that luxury. Our little country parish has just one mass on weekdays that are not H.D.O.'s, and there’s no way I’ll be able to attend the 8:30am mass. Oh, to have the luxury of living in a parish/ city where you can find a mass more than one time a day.
Linda H.

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