Holy Eucharist and Hope of Heaven

May a person who cannot receive Holy Communion for the following reasons, still have a hope of Heaven? My concern is for some very dear people that I know and love. I thank you in advance for gentleness with a relatively new convert. Here are some situations where I wonder if the person can still hope for Heaven.

—Civilly divorced Catholics who re-marry outside of the Church without a Catholic annulment and continue in that relationship.

—The spouse of same person above who has not re-married but is dating, so that person is not in a state of grace.

—In general, when people are unable to receive Holy Communion for whatever reason, is it still possible they can attain Heaven? If the acts are repeated, (remaining in a non-sacramental union or dating before an annulment, etc) or other reasons, does the inability to receive Holy Eucharist mean that people in that state cannot even hope for Purgatory, and eventual Heaven?

I realize that going to Confession is always the best course, but if the Catholic who has civilly re-married without a Catholic annulment remains in that non-sacramental union, what happens then? And if the spouse of this person confesses, but dates before seeking an annulment, can the spouse partake of Holy Communion if fully intending not to repeat the sin?

I have seen a reference to “spiritual Communion,” and wonder what that means. Is it praying during Communion? Is it the same as receiving Holy Eucharist? My main question seems to be, does being barred from receiving Holy Communion in itself keep one from Heaven or is there a hope for all?

I thank you again for your patience with a fairly new convert.

There is always hope for heaven. We should never stop praying for ourselves and for others that they might obtain heaven.

However it is also important to remember that the inability to receive communion worthily is more a symptom of what comes between us and heaven than it is a cause.

please correct me if i’m wrong, but if you choose to divorce and remarry, or anything else, knowing that you will no longer be able to recieve worthily, aren’t you putting your own desires above the will of God and rejecting Him?

[FONT=Arial] Spiritual communion is the conscious desire to receive Holy Communion, which should precede the actual reception of the sacrament, made in acts of faith and love during the day[/FONT]. No sacramental grace is received from spiritual communion. Being excommunicated is that one not give scandal and not receive unworthily, which is sacrilege.

For those that are baptized there are always the marks of faith and hope. Those that willingly live in manifest sin, uncontrite, and know what the Church teaches are surely lacking in charity, which is necessary for salvation. If there is repentance and confession it is possible to be saved, but there is not proper contrition if one intends to continue in serious sin.

Hi Kathryn,

Salvation is a great mystery of life.
Unless God reveals it to you in a revelation that you are one of the predestined.

However we can have conjectural knowledge ie we are not conscious of mortal sin and are making efforts to keep the commandment of the Church and the commandments of God. Only then are we at least sure we are ON THE ROAD AND WAY TO SALVATION, THOUGH WITH NO ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY WE MAY REMAIN SO.
From your post, and the relevant questions you have asked, (you have an inkling of the dire state of their souls your loved ones are in, havent you?), you would like a confimation if they are in danger or not.
Im afraid they are NOT ON THE ROAD. I am speaking to you as one who have a similiar experience that of 3 of my siblings are not ON THE ROAD. I love them dearly.
In such matters, we must have FAITH.

Faith in what, you may ask. Faith in the Infinite Mercies of God. What then are we to do. We need to make up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ as St Paul tells us. Our Faith teaches us we MUST PRAY. By prayer, we obtain the graces which Our Lord won to be applied to them that they may come home. We can entertain great hope as St Monica’s prayers for St Augustine…from a sinner to a priest to a bishop to a great Doctor of the Church!

The Mass, daily if possible, the chaplet of Mercy, the Divine Office, the Rosary , mass for holy souls etc etc, daily morning offering, scripture reading, eucharistic adoration, Jesus, Mary I love you ,save souls!countless times a day etcThere are the many means to obtain choices graces for others …

If the grace of conversion is granted, they will be converted. It is a special grace.

"You may for a time, have to suffer the pain of many trials: this is so that your faith which is more precious than fire tried gold may by its genuineness lead to praise glory and honor when Jesus Christ appears.(St Peter epistle)

Be Patient and persevere in prayer as you grow in trust and confidence in Jesus. It may appear that Jesus doesnt seem to answer. Do let God be God and you his humble servant. Do look into the Divine Mercy Devotion, a devotion for our times for trust in God’s Mercy. I desire for you and yours what I desire for me and mine that we grow in the Love of God through an increase of His grace, His Treasure in us, until we see Him in eternity with all the angels and saints in heaven!!!
God Bless.

You and yours in our prayers
Kentcara2003(3rd order SSCC)

I may be late on this issue and am not a regular commentator. Notwithstanding this am very much getting mad with the authorities of the church.
Now we were given the Bible and this should be taken literally and apply to our lives. However I have noticed that the world is leading us instead we guide the world. I am a Catholic to my bones ,and I take what God has done for us his crucifixion on the cross very seriously. However it seems as though the Catholic faith is encouraging re-Marriage after a divorce…it seems as though we no different to those in the Old Testament when Jesus told the people that they heads were to hard that’s why Moses gave them the letter of dismissal . Who really brought the world to that state? Is it the believers or the unbelievers. We all have our conscious to live. It is so disheartening to see how some in authority are trying to promote divorce in a subtle manner.It is time to wake up and shake off those of you who are not seeing that, what a shame!
We are giving God more heartaches than ever. Just imagine if Jesus had said his walk was to much for him and turn away what would have happen to us today. He was showing us how we must undertake our suffering or else.Also think about Job and so forth. Do we forget these stresses and live as we think is best and still want to have eternal life. Just think! Who leads who?
I know we are not and could never be perfect but why should we bend the law to accommodate others instead of letting them beware of their shortcoming and walk with them and assist them to be more God fearing. and forge ahead.
Thank you.

i agree with everything you say except your comment on church leadership. i think the church has been very clear over the years and has never condoned divorce to my knowledge. if you have some particular knowledge i am not aware of, please share it with us. thank you.:slight_smile:

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