Holy Eucharist in Plastic Cups?

Hi all…

I’m sure some of you have seen the photos of Holy Communion from WYD in Rio. I was hoping someone could possibly explain the need to use disposable cups to administer the blessed sacrament.


Why are you posting on this again?

Again? I didn’t post on it once…

In fact, I didn’t see it on here before.

I hope to God they purified them.

There was a thread on this yesterday and now it is gone, which probably means it was closed.

Yep, but it degenerated quickly and was deleted. I would suggest we just don’t go there.

Yeah, same here.

It seems strange, since Chartres can have 60,000+, as can papal masses in Rome, and those are all with sacred vessels, orderly lines, etc. Bit of a shame…

Why would it have been closed, unless people were bashing the Holy Father/Church in some way? Surely the topic itself is not prohibited…

I think saying “Benedict would never have done this” is showing disrespect to our Pope. :wink:

Yeah, it would… IF someone said that. But here, no one has. In fact in this thread, the only times the words, “Benedict would never have done this” occurs are in your post, and in mine-and both in a manner NOT trying to disparage the Holy Father.


The second picture bothers me more than the fact that they used plastic cups… it looks kind of chaotic there :frowning:

Are you sure these photos are real? Taken during Mass ? =/

You will have to ask the mods. I remember it was rather contentious, but I don’t know specifically why it was closed, and I did not post in it. I’m only saying that if it was closed once, there is a possibility of that happening again, so why would someone bring it up again.

I will not comment on the subject. IIRC, it got out of hand rather quickly, so people need to take a clue.

I’m going to go with logistical reasons – from not enough ciboria or space on the beach to adequately administer communion in an orderly fashion to fear of stolen ciboria. Sand counts as “earth” when burying holy items, right? :juggle:

And we wonder why so many have lost faith in the Real Presence. I doubt Pope Francis even knew about this, to think he plans the details of his Masses during WYD is stretching credulity. But this does make a good argument for eliminating these large Masses or just allowing the servers to receive.

I attended the most recent World Youth Day in Rio. I don’t exactly recall what vessel the EMHC was holding, but I don’t think that it was a disposable plastic cup.

I just hope that whoever made the decision to use them has faced the wrath of Msgr. Marini, and that it won’t happen again.

Talk about shooting the messenger! Where is your outrage at this having taken place in the first place? This happened right under the Holy Fathers nose and no one is talking about how wrong it was to do. Instead we are supposed to sit back with our hands over our eyes pretending it didn’t happen! This should not have happened. It was wrong on so many levels. It should never happen again and I would like to hear the Holy Father speak out about this being wrong so it never happens again.

One can not compare even 60,000 with three million. The logistics of having 50 times as many are staggering.

I for one am astonished that with such an amazing demonstration of Catholic faith in young people that the cups used are some sort of issue. That would be like gazing on the crucifixion and commented on the quality of wood.

Assuming this photo is authentic.

why do we have to run away from this problem and act like this never happened? why do we close threads and automatically deem some topic “banned” or “taboo” if it may cause a debate? as long as the debate doesn’t become heated or personal I say let it happen. clearly this is a problem and in my mind, an abuse going on in WYD in regards to the sacred vessels (or whatever that plastic thing is to be called) used in distributing the most Precious Body of Christ. if there is a problem, you solve it. you don’t run away and ban the topic. so there is a problem with the vessels used during mass at WYD. what do we do? here’s an idea. actually follow the Church and show true respect for Our Lord and use the proper vessels. you want the youth to become stronger in faith? show them. show them that Jesus is really there and worthy of a more honorable vessel. we wonder why almost 70% of catholics don’t believe in the Real Presence. would st peter have cowered away from a debate because it may have offended someone or may have lead to an argument? no, not as long as he was fighting for the Truth and what was right. and what happended in WYD here was wrong. there’s my 2 cents. lets see how long it takes for this thread to be closed.

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