Holy Face Devotion


Lately, I’ve been finding myself quite interested in the devotion to the Holy Face.
Anyway, I wanted to bring up the following…

  1. Which image of the Holy Face do you think is better? The Veil of Veronica or the photo taken from the Shroud. I know it really doesn’t matter but I’d like to hear other people’s opinions. On interesting opinion I heard was that if St. Therese had lived long enough that she would have liked the one from the Shroud.

If you haven’t seen the veil, you can see it devotion.comwww.holyface
For the shroud, .comwww.holyface

  1. Have any of you received graces from the Hoyl Face Devotion?

  1. Saint Therese loved Jesus’ Face, not images of it methinks. As for which depiction of His Face is better, I say, whichever God chooses me to use to render Him adoration and praise and thanksgiving.

  2. The graces which I have received are many. I have a love of reparation for His Name and a fear of saying It in vain, I have come to know a lot of His pain from contemplating the Holy Face (those who spat upon Him represent the souls who use His Name in vain), and I am reminded that Jesus is true God and true Man. But these are just some of the graces He has given me freely and for my greater good, though I deserve none of them.


Although St. Veronica is one of my Patron Saints… I tend to prefer the Holy Shroud Image… as depicted in my signature icon, below.

But the most important thing, is to find an image of Our Lord, (a holy reminder) which will raise your heart to Him… and keep it there. Whether it is the suffering Face of Jesus (the Holy Shroud); the Divine Mercy image; the Sacred Heart; or the Precious Infant. Whatever image “calls” to you, and raises your mind to Him.

God bless! :slight_smile:


I personally like the Holy Shroud image.


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