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Does anyone know about the schismatics (Traditional Catholics–as in anti-Vatican II) that host (Link Removed per Banned Topics) Their claim is that the can offer “The Truth About What Happened to the Catholic Church after Vatican II”. Apparently, it’s their ‘great apostasy’ theory.

They are a spiteful bunch, aren’t they?

I was wondering if any of the top apologists have debated them, and; if they have, where that may be found.

They have a large web site that is far reaching, apparently. I see their advertisements everywhere on the Internet.

I just wondered if there’s anyone out there fighting the good fight against these folks?

These folks are sede vacantists. Discussions regarding sede vacante are not allowed on the CA forums, so if anyone is fighting this fight, it’s not happening on this particular battleground.

Yes there are. They have a debate on their web site regarding sedvacantism. In the debate they misrepresent the truth, and were publicly challenged to debate the point again. The write up(which was e-mailed to the Dimonds) from the individual is in the traditional forums. You can search it. The person, who the Dimonds debated, has issued a public challenge to re-debate the sedevacantist position or any other position. The Dimonds haven’t agreed to publicly debate yet.

I always forget the word (sede vacante)…but it means the vacancy of the seat of Peter (post Vatican II), if I remember correctly.

Who are those Feenyites? The SSXP? I retain some of the information, for a time, and then forget what all of these designations mean.

There ARE good Traditional Catholics, right? By good, I mean ‘traditional’ in the sense that they just prefer the Latin Mass–but not that they reject Vatican II or the Papacy…correct?

I’m relieved that the sede vacante aren’t allowed on the forum…that would REALLY confuse things (it can be confusing enough sometimes). But, where else, on the Internet, are Catholic apologists who are debating them (I mean official/non-forum debates).


He wasn’t saying they are not allowed on the forum, it is the discussion that is not. SedaVacantism is one of the banned topics, I think you discovered why that might be.

Why do you call them ‘The Dimonds’ and who was the person (apologist) that represented the Catholic Church?

Because Peter and Michael Dimond = Most Holy Family Monastery

Okay, then this is probably going to be a short thread. Not that I wanted to discuss their particular objections, but I am just fearful over their web site’s widespread availability. I do a lot of searching on Catholic apologetic material…and, no matter what I’m looking for in a search…I see that their web site pops up in the top 10 hits. Plus, I see their advertisement running with Google, etc. They seem to be getting around and making their move.

I’m just fearful, too, that faithful ‘Traditional’ Catholics, who are in union with the Pope, will follow them.

I just hope that they are meeting resistance along the way…and that there is some counter information, aimed directly toward them, on the Internet, to refute them.

Well, they’re busy guyz…spreading falsehood and working on their attempts at destroying the Church. They won’t succeed, but they can do damage. Nasty, too. Very nasty.

No one is discussing the particular issue of sedevacantism. We are allowed to discuss individuals who happen to be sedevacantists as long as we don’t touch on the issue. Let’s let the moderators moderate, ok? God Bless!!:smiley:

Their last name is Dimond. The debate they had can be found on their web site. The challenge to Brother peter and Michael was emailed to them, and the e-mail can be found here on the traditional forums. SEARCH!!

I was just looking back upon some of the banned forum discussions in the past…

I’m sort of regretting having ‘opened a can of worms’. It’s very confusing information. I was just reading a forum post by Peter Vere (?). I know I’ve seen his name before. From what I read, I gather that he was, and remains, a traditionalist.

Why do sedevacantists refer to themselves as Traditional Catholics? Doesn’t it just muddy the waters?

Anyhow, I may be very infantile in my apologetics understanding (I’m no scholar)…but I always put my trust, come ‘hell or high water’ in the promise of the Holy Spirit…and I stick with the belief that the Catholic Church and its Papacy shall not fail, because of the Holy Spirit’s direct intervention, and believe in the doctrine of infallibility, for the purpose of keeping us ‘men’ from destroying Her!

I’d rather stick with debating falsehood within Protestantism. I thought the Orthodox Church debates were difficult! There’s nothing more ‘difficult’ than those wolves that disguise themselves as sheep, so close within our own ranks and, such a relatively ‘fresh’ heresy. Though, years from now, sedevacantists, I predict, will just be a name on a long list of heretics. It’s just disturbing to know that, much like the early Church’s run-ins with heresy and heretics, we’re always going to have to deal with re-introduction to such folks as the Dimond Bros., and the heresy itself.

When it comes down to basics, they are just another group of ‘protestants’ who have come up with yet another ‘apostasy theory’…the church went off the tracks. From that perspective, don’t they doubt themselves? It’s not very original! If we, s Catholics, believe in the promise of the Holy Spirit, doesn’t it seem unlikely that we would have no legitimate Pope?

I don’t want to start up anything that the moderators will object to.
I just wish there was a web site directly opposed to theirs. I guess there’s information out there, directly opposing their objections, but no, one, in particular.

Anyone up for a challenge?

I just get upset every time I see their advertisement or link. It gets a lot of traffic.

Time to put out some warnings!

If you haven’t guessed by now…I do not like the mostholyfamilymonastery.com. And their hatefulness comes through loud and clear. They don’t leave any room for charity (in their attacks on EWTN and little, saintly Mother Angelica), etc.

Makes me see red.

As a new catholic I came across their website when searching for good catholic information. It probably took less than a minute before my stomach turned sour and the Spirit told me this is a very bad site. Fortunately, one of the reasons I became catholic (strong Baptist/Scripture background) was based on my learning the authority of the Catholic Church and the promise of Christ to ALWAYS PROTECT HER DOCTRINE!!!

It is a horrible site, and it boogles my mind that so much effort attacks our Church. Catholic Answers has been a great help in teaching me so many different aspects of Catholism.

God bless you, Cheryl. And welcome to the Church!

I had the same reaction to the site. Such anger and spitefulness cannot be of God.

I’m with you. I’m childlike in my trust of the Holy Spirit’s promise. I believe it, with all of my heart…and I would sooner die than leave the Church and deny Her appointed Shepherd.

I think it’s instinctive…the Holy Spirit nudging us…that something is very wrong with that site. Not JUST false ideas, but the manner in which it is presented.

But…SEE? You’re just an example…a new Catholic…being presented with such hateful and antagonistic material. Sure, it’s presented with intelligence…but intelligence (though lacking in scholarship and taking things out of context, etc.)…intelligence, alone, certainly doesn’t equate with Truth.

I’ll stick with the one, True Church and its leadership…though us faithful Catholics are often reminded just how real those ‘gates of hell’ are (tangible, and frightening).

That’s why we need some warriors for the faith. That web site gets way too much traffic…

I’d just like to see more counter responses, with a comparable amount of traffic…sort of like the sites you see that counter ‘Jack Chick tracts’ and such venemous information.

I haven’t seen many sites which offer a large amount of counter-objections to Most Holy Family Monastery–atleast, not ones that have the same volume of traffic.

I don’t mean to be repetitive (I can be guilty of that)…but, I get really upset when I see their advertisements all over the Internet. I even have a web site (I can’t afford the banner-less kind)…and I even see their link, in ads that run across the top of my humble web site. I’ve placed a ‘disclaimer’, but it still bothers me to see such ads gain such momentum on the Internet. I complained to ‘Google’, who hosts the ads (and to the web site host)…but, to no avail.

I’m thinking more could be done…

Yes, everybody’s going to hell except them! And their followers, of course. :nope:

Yes, its interesting. Their ads are everywhere, and they practically give away all their products. :hmmm:

Robert Sungenis has spent quite a bit of time refuting their arguments:


And sedevacantism in general:


Also interesting.

No, they know exactly what they’re doing (only they don’t).

That’s because you’re a sheep, so you recognize the voice of the Shepherd; but the sheep don’t recognize the voice of a stranger - they run from him.

Did your web host say why they wouldn’t remove the ads? It might be in your contract, but you can still pester them!

God bless you, byzgirl, and all who trust our Lord’s promises. :slight_smile:

Thank you all soooo much. My sister heard one of the “bros” on the radio… I missed it so I looked them up. Wow. Thank God, thanks be to Him. He gave me a strong faith in Him and His Church. I relied on that same promise from the Holy Spirit! I rushed right to Catholic Answers to find out what’s up with this. God Bless you all with Perseverance!:signofcross:

The first thing I think we can all do to fight them is to make those of our friends and family of faith aware that they are a schismatic sect so they are not pulled in.

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God bless, :slight_smile:

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