Holy Fire Live on Internet?

Since it’s only nine days away, does anybody know of a website which will be broadcasting the holy fire live on April 18? It doesn’t matter in what language. Any help would be much appreciated!

I doubt it would be broadcast on internet or anything else,

The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem does have a web site, but my link no longer works.

I have heard of networks in Eastern Europe and such showing it live… You’d think somebody somewhere would think to put it online!

БЛАГОДАТНЫЙ ОГОНЬ (Graceful Flame Holy Fire)

You can see videos of Holy fire from many years at this sait:

Then click on button for forographs and video (ФОТО-ВИДЕО) and see choice films-videos.

I am quite sure that Sojuz TV from Jekatjerinburg will have 2009 Holy Fire on Paskha:


Sojuz will also have a schedule of their telebroadcasts available at that sait.

Post Scriptum: I think you will be criticized by editors of this sait. This thread relates to Orthodoxy (Non-Catholic Religion group) and not Eastern Catholic group. Move with caution!!!


Hi there,

I’m Orthodox live in Egypt and hope to see this event live on any satellite channel on the Hotbirt Satellite ( Hotbird “13.0” Low frequency:09750Mhz High frequency:10600 Mhz).

Hope you give me the name and frequency of any channel coz I want to see this event in my life.

Thanks for your time


Christ is Risen! - In advance.

Thanks so much for the help! And the warning :wink:
Now we can watch this beautiful easter miracle no matter how locationally-challenged :smiley:

Someone on this forum inquired about the Holy Fire in Jerusalem.

I cannot find the originaly thread, alas.

But here it is live from Jerusalem in a Russian news broadcast. Who would have imagined such a thing happening 20 years ago?

The commentary is in Russian, but the visuals are self-explanatory.


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