Holy Hour with St. Mark--Devotions


I remember back when I was in ninth grade religion, when my priest-principal would substitute for religion class, he would tell us to read the Gospel of Mark, because it can be read in an hour.

I once heard Fr. Groeschel talking about one of the first times he was arrested for pro-life demonstrating and all he ahd with him in jail was his Bible. So, in addition to ministering to the other folks in jail, he sat down and read all four Gospels, back-to-back.

Every now and then, I sit and read through one of the books of the Bible. It’s been a while though.
So, when it came to my Thursday night holy hour, I’d been sick all day, and woke up from bed just in time to get dressed and go to church for my hour. I didn’t have time to grab much stuff. So I got my Byzantine prayer book and Bible that were already in the car.

I started the Moleben to Mary, and, when it came to the part for hearing the Gospel, I put down the Byzantine book and just started reading Mark. . . . .

Of all the times I read the Gospel, that was the first time I’ve read the whole thing right in front of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Sixteen chapters later, I resumed the Moleben.

I could give a line-by-line account of it, or I could just say this:
That was one of the most profound prayer experiences of my life.


Awsome. Since I am headed out the door for Adoration I will make sure I read from St. Luke ( the gospel study guide I am currently on) instead of just sitting there trying to keep my eyes open.:o


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