Holy kisses and hugs - do we need more of this?


holy kisses and hugs - do we need more of this???

Yes we do, just not during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


I have a difficult enough time forcing myself to shake hands with people. If we have to start hugging and kissing, I don’t think I’ll be able to bear going to church or mass. I love the weekday mass where everybody at my church just gives a little wave. On Sundays, they shake hands and it is very uncomfortable for me. We’ve all been sitting in church for 45 minutes or so and I’ve watched or heard just about everybody cough or sneeze or wipe their nose with their hands, and then I’m expected to touch them. It bothers me.


I can understand your point. I love the little wave idea.


Those of you who are touch-phobic for reasons of health and hygiene…

… I wonder how you feel about sharing the Eucharistic cup/chalice…

… but that’s another discussion! :eek:


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