Holy Land bishops: some Muslims, along with Christians, face persecution in Middle East [CC]


The Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries in the Holy Land has issued a statement emphasizing that Christians are not the only persons are suffering persecution in the Middle East.The …



God knows the violent and aggressive ones are always wrong. that’s enough for me.


From the article:

“Christians and Muslims need to stand together against the new forces of extremism and destruction,” the prelates added.

Undoubtedly this ought to be so. But one does not particularly expect it. In the Middle East, there is also the tribal thing. Tribes vie against other tribes for money, influence, some gig or other, whether legal or perhaps illegal. There are religious extremists, tribal extremists, ethnic extremists, commercial extremists, and outright crooks. It’s “Gangs of New York” over there. It is to be wished that Christians and peaceful Muslims stand together, but if the Muslims don’t even stand together with each other…?


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