Holy Land Experience

I recently went to the “Holy Land Experience” in Orlando Fl with the family. The park was great and we had a really good time overall. My wife and her family are Baptist and I after attending her church for many years I have realized the CC is the church founded by Christ. I have been planting seeds with my wife for quite some time now, although she is still a long way from converting. (My wife’s parents are very anti-Catholic and still have significant influence in her life). I feel over the past year I have made real progress getting her to think about the issues and explain the misconceptions she has been taught over the years.
Anyway, I wasn’t expecting to take a step backward at the park and I need some help defending the CC.

They have an exhibit called the “Scriptorium” that takes you through the development and evolution of the Bible. They have some ancient manuscripts and artifacts to view and you are guided along by a commentator over the speaker system who explains what your viewing.

As some of you might guess, it starts to get a little uncomfortable for the unsuspecting Catholic when they get to the Protestant reformation. I understand it wasn’t the best period for the CC but the presentation was definitely bias and painted a gloomy picture of the power and corruption of the medieval church. They go as far as to imply the church intentionally kept the bible from the common people. The reformers looked like heroes at the end I overheard many comments from others in our group putting down the CC.

I guess I’m looking for some real historical sources (unbiased) that I can look into to help understand the time period. Why the hesitation to translate into more common languages at the time? Was Jerome’s Latin vulgate kept as the official bible of the church to keep only the educated clergy in control? Was the church protecting the common people from sola scriptura? I read Jimmy Akins article on sola scriptura and it help me quite a bit. I’m looking for real history to research so I can speak intelligently on the subject. (my wife’s dad always says the CC chained the bible to keep people from reading it and discovering the “truth”). That’s what I’m up against.

All comments welcomed.

A couple of good resources:
From San Juan Catholic Seminars Book 7 is all about the Bible and essentially takes all that stuff apart for you. You may also want to pick up Book 1 as it covers a very good overview of a great many topics that you will face. Cost: about $6.00 a piece.

Also, Where We Got the Bible. VERY good!

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