HOLY MASS and Time Machine...sounds grt

Holy mass is the greatest offering and most pleasing to God…it wraps space and time and the mass which happened and ever which will happen gets connected to the time of Jesus birth to the descendent of Holy Spirit and thereby to go around the world…awesome…and in the we too are laid to offer ourselves with Jesus and being born again in spirit…awesome…actually Holy Mass is kinda time machine…grt…God is beyond time and space…Most Holy place and time …even the angels fear when the Priest take the Host in his hands …nd ya if the angels are jealous of us it can only about that we are able to recieve Jesus and be one with Him…the love of God is beyond our thinking though we are unworthy still He gives His body and blood so that we may be one with Him ,a selfless amazing love…


I believe the Trinity and Incarnation is a greater mystery myself.

I think Mary is a great mystery.

To me the Mass is not a mystery. It is the remembrance of Jesus’s ultimate sacrifice of his body & blood for our salvation. To me the greatest mystery as Catholics is that of the Trinity.

ya offcourse i just mean to say as ne of the greatest mysteries…

yups trinity is …i mean to say its one of the great mysteries…bt ya mass is a mystery no one can compare that value of blood and body wt any other thing in the World…

Baptism and Confession seem of greater value to me.

Baptism and Confession seem of greater value to me.

Do you own a dictionary by any chance?

Why?..dictionary. ?

Dictionary…probably because “yups”, “wt”, “bt”, “nd” and “grt” are not words in English.

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oh i am really sorry…i was in the habit of chats…as habit i wrote here too i am really sorry

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