Holy Mass attendance at your parish?

How is Mass attendance at your parish? On average our parish is about 50%, of course there are the special days in which everyone goes to Mass (Easter, Christmas, Ash Wednesday).

I went for an average of 75%. I attend different times. Saturday Mass and the early Mass hit 50% or less. The next two are full, with chairs often needed. The final one flows out the doors, SRO. We have begun the planning stage of our second new construction in ten years.

I’m confused by your query.

Some parishes have much bigger facilities than their membership would indicate they would need today, 100% attendance of the folks in the parish might only fill the place up half full or less, due to shifting population patterns.

Others, in growing areas, SRO might well equal less than half of the Catholics in a parish.

Our parish is in a fast growing region of the country. We have two Saturday masses and 6 on Sunday, and all are 100% full or close to it. And yet, the Sunday collection statistics in the bulletin usually show that only about 1200 of our over 5000 registered families regularly use the Sunday envelope. (I don’t really believe we have 5000 families in the parish… I suspect the membership rolls need to be updated, and families who’ve moved away need to be removed.)

And yet our diocese ordained no priests last year, one this year, and maybe 2 next year. We’re really falling behind.

I didn’t pick a poll choice because I wasn’t sure how to do the Math. Our Masses are all more than 1/2 full with one Mass, sometimes two, overflowing. We don’t have people standing but we open the doors to the hall and break out the folding chairs.

On the other hand, we have probably only 1/2 of our registered parishioners attending Mass regularly. Less in the summer when CCE is out of session.

On the other hand (too many hands :slight_smile: ) we have many regular Mass attendees who are not registered parishioners. We have the only Spanish Mass around and many people come who are registered elsewhere. Also we have a large poplulation of new immigrants who are scared to register.


We only have one Mass on a Sunday in Church which is just over 50% which probably is the biggest attendance, we also have Mass Saturday evening and earlier mass at the School on a Sunday, but the figures are lesser than Sunday Mass.

God Bless
Saint Andrew.

We only have 1 Divine Liturgy at my parish. We have families that drive over an hour each way just to attend our Divine Liturgy.

They usually go to the local Latin parish only when they can’t Divine Liturgy at our parish.

We have 6000 registered families. 2 Saturday masses and 3 Sunday morning masses 2 afternoon spanish masses and Sunday night teen mass. Most masses are 75% full to overflowing, although the collection plate isn’t.

With the polls saying that 31% of Catholics attend Sunday Mass and about the same believe in the Real Presence, it seems that full churches might be just a dream.

I don’t know if you are asking, how full is the Church at each Mass (all except 7:30 am are packed during the school year, Noon -youth- Mass is out the door)

or are you asking how many registered parishioners attend Mass?
We have 3000 familis on the computer who registered at some point in time. we print 1000 bulletins a week, and they are all gone by the end of Sunday. Our church seats about 320 when it is at capacity. In consulting the university experts who have studied demographics of our town, in preparation for an evangelization program and a capital campaign for the new church, we found that: our town has a population of 28,000, there are estimated 18,000 self-identified Catholics in the town. There are 3 parishes. If 1000 attend Sunday Mass at each parish, that is 3000. Even if you assume that an additional 3000 attend Mass at neighboring parishes or the Basilica, that leaves 12,000 self-identified Catholics sleeping in at home, possibly working or traveling, or attending churches of other denominations.

sounds like our evangeliation-to-Catholics proposal is long overdue.

During the summer months it has seemed to have gone down a bit, but I think a lot of people are taking vacations, are out of town and doing family stuff that may keep them from coming to their own parish.

25% or less attendance …probably only 20%:o Our pastor is driving everyone away…

We have so many Catholic Churches in my area and all are packed! I’ve been trying to find the least packed Mass either on Saturdays or all the many sunday Masses and they are full to the brim. Even the 7:00a.m. Masses.
The teenage Catholic youth group alone has 400 members and they all attend as a group.
What this means is that I always have to arrive early to get a seat or I end up having the Ushers try and search a place for me and I’ll do anything to avoid that.:slight_smile:

Mine is usually between 75% and full. Depends.


My Church is at full capacity every mass on Sundays. We have 6 masses on Sundays and they are all full. Our Parish my be the biggest on Hawaii. Saturdays 7pm mass is full also.

Standing room only during the winter but then the snowbirds go home and we have seats available!:slight_smile:

Right now we have about 1/2, but two years ago, mass was pretty much staning room only.

My Church has about 3000 registered families.

We have 3 Masses on Sunday AM and 1 Mass at 5 PM.

Sat Mass is at 5 PM

Mon thru Fri Mass is at 8 AM and at 5 PM.

The weekday masses have about 50 attendees but the

Sunday Masses are over 75% full.

Attendance, from the report I’ve seen is about 1100 total for all of the weekend masses. Parish has 8000 registered Catholic families, how many unregistered families there are is unknown, but the attendance percentage is less than 25.

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