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I just have a quick question, can Holy Mass be done on the streets? If so what are the conditions? Is there a cannon about it? Please help.

On my way home I saw holy mass being said on one of our street. something like the photo that i attached. What bothers me is, it was 7pm and the Santo Niño de Tondo church is just a 4 minute walk away from the street where Holy Mass is being said at the church at that time.

It would have been ok for me if certain conditions were present like, there’s no church within 500 meters i guess, or the church was destroyed and all the sacred placed were also destroyed etc. But under these normal circumstances where Holy Mass is currently being celebrated in the church and then another mass is being said on the street, where a lot of people are waking, sidecars passing, cars, etc. Is this ok? or is this an abuse?

One of my concerns is, the holy particle of the host might be prone to abuse since it’s on the street. During communion some of the holy particles may fall on the street and people may step on it unknowingly. Majority of Filipino Catholics aren’t really much educated in their faith. Do I have a responsibility? Your guidance is much appreciated.


Normally, Mass must be celebrated in a Catholic parish-church, oratory, or chapel. The local bishop may give permission for a Mass in some other place. Most bishops (at least most in the US—I don’t know about Singapore) delegate that decision to priests.

While permission is needed, that permission is usually given.


Mass is celebrated wherever you might find a priest.

I’ve been to mass on a mountain, in a friends house, off the back of a pickup.

When you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, this happens.

Great stories of priests in prison camps being able to celebrate Mass.

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