Holy Moses!


Can we pray to Old Testament type Souls like Moses or Abraham as we do to Saints? Aren’t they actually also Saints in respect to our Catholic beliefs?



Well, they are inadvertently included in the Litany of the Saints, so I don’t see why not. Right after Saint Joseph is invoked, then there are the Holy Patriarchs and Prophets. Abraham was certainly a patriarch and Moses, in all likelihood, goes under the prophet heading. One should note, however, that when the word patriarchs is used here, it is the Jewish Patriarchs, not Orthodox or other Patriarchs mentioned.:wink:


Thanks, it’s kind of odd that we really don’t include these great men in our prayers as we do New Testament and after Saints.


When you say “after saints” I assume you mean after St. Joseph. Actually, their mention occurs before a lot of saints. The order for saints go: Mary, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, all Holy Angels and Archangels, John the Baptist, Joseph, Holy Patriarchs and Prophets… Then it rolls into categories of:
*]Apostles, Disciples, Innocents;
*]Martyrs; Bishops, Confessors, and Doctors;
*]Priests, Levites, Monks, and Hermits;
*]and ends with Virgins, Widows, and Saints of God.
They’re there and toward the front, as they might appear in art as well. Although, you’re right; it is rather odd that they aren’t mentioned more often.


Well, we don’t name all the NT saints then either :shrug:

And yes, the Patriarchs and Prophets are honoured as saints - the Carmelite Order considers St Elijah (the prophet) as one of its patrons - and among the Eastern Catholics at least, he and the other patriarchs are honoured with feast days.


Yes, thanks for clarifying, this is very nice!

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