Holy of Holies


Awesome reflections by this priest. Thanks for posting it.:thumbsup:
God love you!

Is it possible to download from Youtube? I would love a copy for our young priest who is doing his best to celebrate a TLM for us but gets some things wrong (as well as mispronouncing the Latin). At least he is willing. An awesome priest.

I have downloaded from Youtube. What I do is that I am using the Firefox browser and downloaded the Video download add-on. When you go to a particular video on Youtube, wait for it to be downloaded on the website and then click on the video icon (usually at the bottom right hand side of the broswer page. Then save it with the extension .flv It will be saved as a flash video which you can view on the computer or if you have a video converter program you can change it to an .avi or .mpg or whatever.

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