Holy Oil and Holy Salt

Just a quick double layered question :slight_smile: about the sacrementals of Holy Oil and Holy Salt.

For personal use, what is the correct Salt and Oil to be take to a priest for blessing? Also what can the blessed Oil be used for, in particular?

Iโ€™m thinking that on the days that I am fasting id maybe like to put blessed Oil on my head, where I received ashes on Ash Wednesday, to remind myself and to make holy the intentions of my fast. We are also advised in scripture to wash our faces and put oil on our heads when fasting. So is blessed Oil appropriate for this? Also is it appropriate to use when one is feeling unwell?
Iโ€™ve only recently found out about Holy Salt and Oil through the forum, so itโ€™s all very new to me.

Wishing everyone a blessed Ash Wednesday and Lenten season :pray:

I am watching this thread with interest and hope someone provides answers.

I do not know what you can use these sacramentals for.

However, I would think the oil would be olive oil or if, for some reason, you cannot obtain that then another vegetable oil.

As the only salt most people will know or be able to obtain I should imagine it is common and garden table salt (sodium chloride - NaCl).

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