Holy Oil, Holy Myrrh, Holy Stones, etc

I wasn’t sure where to put this, so I’m putting it in the EC section since I figure some of the EC’ers are at least familiar with what I’m looking to obtain. I have in my prayer corner holy water, holy myrrh from the Orthodox’s Hawaiian Iveron Icon, holy manna from St. Nicholas, holy oil from the lampada at the relics of St. John the Wonderworker, and holy oil from a lampada at the Holy House of Loreto.

My question is, does anyone know of any other holy oils, myrrh, stones, water, etc. that are well-known to have miraculous events attributed to them, and, if so, does anyone know how to request receiving them? Some examples…

Are there any other myrrh-streaming icons where one can actually request the myrrh because there is so much of it?
Are there any other lampada oils that are often used for personal anointing such as that from St. John the Wonderworker?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Lourdes water, from Our Lady of Lourdes shrine in France. You can order bottles of it online, but I’d be discerning who you order it from. (Hopefully the bottles and postage are what you are paying for, not the water itself.)

There are many oils and incense within scripture that were used to purify and to anoint objects and individuals. Within the Old Testament Cassia, Calamus, Cinnamon, Myrrh, Galbanum are just a few that are used. In the New Testament I believe that Mary wiped the feet of Jesus with Spikenard oil. Hyssop oil is also found a lot in scripture.

Thank you for that suggestion! :thumbsup: I can’t believe I never thought of that…

While this is true, and I appreciate the response, I’m hoping to find specific instances of modern holy oils and waters and such that I could add to my prayer corner. Thank you, though!

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