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Is there Holy Oil that is available for lay people? My grandfather is in the hospital and is very sick and unresponsive now. If so, can I get it from the rectory or do I have to ask the priest personally. Every time I go to the rectory there is only Holy Water and the person that works there was not able to give me an explanation on how to use the sacramental of Holy Water, let alone Holy Oil. My Grandfather is not Catholic so I don't believe he can receive the sacrament of the anointing of the sick. However, Holy Oil is a sacramental so if it is not for the use of laypeople I can ask the priest to visit him in the hospital and anoint him.


LMH, so far as I know Holy Oil and Holy Water have the different basic functions. The oil is usually only used in the setting of a Sacrament (I say usually, because it is also often used in exocisms). You would not be able to bless your Grandfather, only a priest can do that. You can certainly ask that that priest-chaplain bless him :)


OK. So far I just have “blessed” my grandfather with Holy Water by making the sign of the cross on his forehead hands and feet and praying for him. This is fine for a lay person to do, but I would not assume it was the same as a priests blessing or anointing of a sick. A priests blessing especially the delivery of the Sacraments have a guarantee to them, but the acts of lay persons can attain grace, however they are more like petitions.


Do you know if a priest would anoint a non-catholic with Holy Oil? I am pretty sure, because it is a sacramental not a Sacrament.


You can buy annointing oil at most Christian bookstores. I’m assuming your grandfather is Christian, although not Catholic, and I believe any Christian can use this oil. If I remember correctly, it’s sold with instructions for the layperson how to annoint.


Edited to add: I’ll keep your grandfather in my prayers!


This q&a is about the best, most thorough run-down of a layperson's use of holy oil that I have ever found: saint-mike.org/qa/fs/viewanswer.asp?QID=950 .

It sure doesn't sound easy to do correctly (or maybe licitly is the right word?), I must say. But maybe it will clear things up for you.

So far as non-Catholics receiving the actual Sacrament, this article from EWTN indicates that the unbaptized may never receive it; Christians who are baptized, but not Catholic, may only receive if the following conditions are met:

· danger of death or other grave necessity
· inability to approach a minister of their own community
· ask for it on their own
· manifest Catholic faith in the sacraments
· be properly disposed

Proper disposition for anyone who is conscious includes the confession of all mortal sins since the last good confession, or since baptism, if the person had never made a confession.

I hope this helps. I will be sure to say a prayer for your grandfather!


I am going to take the safe position and only use Holy Water on my grandfather until I ask a priest at the rectory.

In regards to the instance in which a non-catholic can receive the Sacraments like Holy Communion, can I? I have yet to stat RCIA and be confirmed, but I do believe in the Catholic Sacraments, and if I make this clear to the Priest, and ask to receive the Sacrament, might I? I am seriously doubting this because I am not currently in a state of urgency, life the danger of death.


I was sent blessed oil from the St Anne's Shrine and also the Padra Pio shrine. (I donate money to them.. and they sent it as a thank you)

You can go to either website and I am sure they will send you some.

I also have water from Lourdes in France. I have had all my family take a sip.


I will keep your grandfather in my prayers.


Sorry, but unless you have been baptized Catholic, you will have to wait. But it is well worth the wait!

By the way, if your grandfather is in danger of death and has ever expressed a desire to become Catholic, it may be possible for a priest to administer Catholic sacraments to him on his death bed.

Other than that, you can pray for him and pray with him. He may understand what you say even if he cannot respond. Remind him that God loves him, and encourage him to trust in God’s mercy. You might pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at his bedside. ewtn.com/Devotionals/mercy/dmmap.htm


Agreed… I would defintely pray the Divine Mercy with him.

Here is the St Ann’s blessed oil…


further down the page is the oil… and it comes with instructions.



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