Holy places to visit....Messages from Our Lady at Emmitsburg (your opinions) & other places to visit


I just recently heard someone went to go visit and listen/pray by this vision this woman is seeing in Emmitsburg (and her husband records what his wife hears). First, I would absolutely love to be a part of an experience like this. Now doing some research, it looks like the Vatican is skeptical of these visions.

I am looking for a place to visit in 2009, that will be a spiritual journey for me. Because of price, I doubt I’ll be traveling overseas. I’m on the Illinois/Iowa boarder in Davenport, IA. I’m open to driving somewhere. I have not yet made a journey in my young life, but am open to people’s suggestions!

Thank you!


I think you are very wise in avoiding unapproved spots!

My recommendation would be first and foremost, the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, MA. That should be about a two day drive for you.

For something much closer, try the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows near St. Louis, MO.

Good luck!



But you don’t need to go anywhere special, or travel any long distance, in order to find something spiritual or wonderful. You don’t have to have visions or recite long prayers or even take upon yourself extra pious practices or hard penances or strange devotions. Neither do you have read certain books or listen to sermons or be with anyone at all to have your soul refreshed and strengthened, enlightened and renewed, bathed in God’s light and given a deeper knowledge of His Christ. No, all you have to do is visit Jesus: Visit Him in the Tabernacle, or in the Chapel, or on the Altar - or all three, if it is God’s will. It is enough to visit Him for a hour, though you may stay longer, especially if you feel the Lord is asking you to stay longer. Visit Jesus and look upon Him; you do not have to speak or read or pray or contemplate; it is simply enough to be with Him, to be in His company and He in yours. Let His joy and peace fill you, let Him come into your heart spiritually. He longs to be with you, He eagerly desires to see you; He loves you dearly, He who betrothed your soul at baptism. Jesus is the full spiritual benefit of the Church; every other grace and blessing and spiritual thing - all of which proceed from Him - is but a pale shadow compared to Him. Go to your Lord and God, for He is there, waiting for you. He will listen to you, He will understand you, He will let you rest your head against His Heart and make all of your troubles, fears, doubts, and worries disappear. The Lord thirsts for you so greatly that on the Cross His lips were parched and He said “I thirst!”; I know that you, too, thirst for Him.


Great responses already, thank you!
I was almost feeling bad asking the question, because I thought “if I truly believe in the Real Presence, why should I desire driving long distances …” Rather than choosing one, I want to try both :slight_smile:
If anyone else has ideas, I’d gladly listen.


Don’t feel bad! While I certainly believe that our Lord is present in the consecrated host, I also enjoy combining a vacation with spiritual growth. Few things beat the combination of a good shrine + gift shop + eating at truck stops. :wink:



For something even closer to home, try a day pilgrimage to the “Grotto of the Redemption” in West Bend, IA. (northwest iowa) westbendgrotto.com. It’s actually a really cool monument to the faith; a priest’s life work and dedication to his love of geology and love of Christ and Mary.

(And then, as a side trip, you could visit the Wild Rose Casino in nearby Emmetsburg, IA…)


Oh, one more place that is a must see if you are in the area of St. Louis is The Black Madonna Shrine and Grottos. It is pretty humble compared to other places, but it is beautiful and amazing.



Stay away from Our Lady of Emmitsburg. Check out the Mother Seton Shrine and the Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine, which are both located in Emmitsburg instead.


A pilgrimage to Emmittsburg would be wonderful. The grotto and the stations of the cross are something to see. You could combine the trip with a visit to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC.

Forget about Our Lady of Emmittsburg which is not at all approved by the church. There are no longer meetings in the parish church. And all the ‘messages’ appear to be copied from other sources.


The Friars and Carmelites run the Basilica of Holy Hill in Wisconsin:

You may have to call to see if there is still construction and the hours are a bit narrow as in the prime seasons. The events are nice and worthwhile in prime seasons, too. Don’t forget to check out the photo gallery!

Another Carmelite order runs this by one of my favorite saints in Illinois:


Holy Hill in Wisconsin :thumbsup:



Don’t forget too that there are many places throughout North America that house the relics of very holy peple and Saints. Visiting a shrine in order to pray before the remains of these saints is a very rewarding experience.

As for where to visit…
I would suggest Quebec. It will be quite the drive, but I’m sure you get explore a lot on the way there. Quebec city is one of the oldest cities on the content, and this year celebrated its 400th birthday, the Eucharist congress was also held here this year. There are so many beautiful Churches, and old Quebec and old Montreal will remind you of Europe. I highly recommed the shrine of St. Anne outside of Quebec city. Even more so I suggest you visit the oratory of St.Joseph in Montreal (a massive structure, it dominates the skyline of Montreal - and gives you an excellent view of the city- also houses the remains of brother Andre - and many healings are attributed to this place, a whole wall contains empty crutches of those who have been healed), as well as the local Cathedral (built to look like St. Peter’s) and Our Lady of Montreal and the “English Cathedral”, St. Patricks. These are absolutely stunning Churches and there worth the drive out here. Remember Quebec is a place where Catholicism has been here since the 1600s, and it so very rich in Catholic history.

IMHO, old Quebec is the best substitute for Europe, in the area.


There are many wonderful shrines here in the Greater St. Louis area. To the north of you, I recommend the new Shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe in Lacrosse, Wisc.



For some strange reason the Emmitsburg website popped up on my lap-top as I switched it on.

So I read some of it and listened to one of the Priests speak, then the alleged seers husband talked about Medjugorje, and I thought OH NO ! here we go again, another Medjugorje spin-off, and that’s all I needed to know.

Goodbye Emmitsburg.


I noticed that you said you were in the Midwest, so here is a couple of places for you. One is in Chicago, one in Southern Illinois and another is on the Indiana/Illinois border. I don’t know if this is exactly what your looking for, but these are my suggestions.





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