Holy Relics

Which Holy Relic is under the altar at your parish?

I asked my pastor, and he didn’t know. They are embedded inside the altar, and as far as I know it happens where the altar is made? So local clergy may not know…

Mine is from some beatified Native American who lived in Canada I think. I don’t remember her name.

At my NO parish, a piece of the True Cross.

At the parish with the indult, nothing–we have a four legged coffee-table type altar in a small, “modern” ('70s) style chapel. The chapel is on the premeses of the Cathedral and is used for daily Mass, the Sunday TLM, and Adoration. The main altar in the actual Cathedral has relics of St. Jude (they are also in a reliquery).

americancatholic.org/Features/SaintOfDay/default.asp?id=1444 ?

I forget, I know it is someone’s bones but I forget whose.

Our entire church, however, is built over an old Catholic cemetery.

Interesting article related…boston.com/news/local/articles/2007/01/14/as_churches_close_relics_hidden_in_altars_face_an_uncertain_fate/

None. If I’m not mistaken the Church did away with the requirement that they have them at all after Vatican II. When my parish church replaced the altar several years ago there wasn’t one put in place. The altar we have now has a very modern style, tiny at the bottom and spread out at the top. It looks kind of like a mushroom cloud.

It is made of a very nice wood though, oak I believe.

Yep. That’s her. I’m pretty sure the relic is a toe or finger, but I can’t recall.

So is it a requirement that Catholic churches must have relics under their altars?

And a piece of the true cross? And did you guys come by that?

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