Holy Saturday morning liturgy?

My son just informed me that at his university, the schedule for the Triduum is: “Holy Thursday 7pm, Good Friday 3pm, Holy Saturday 9:30am, and Easter Vigil on Saturday at 8:30pm.”

I thought nothing was supposed to happen on Saturday, as Christ has died and has not yet risen. And then the Saturday night Mass is actually the Vigil Mass for Easter.

So, surely this 9:30am event would not be a Mass? What else could it be?

A lot of area Churches around here are having morning prayer.

I can’t find a single Church here that explicitly says it is having mass.

You may want to call them to find out what it is.

the Monastic Community where my seminary is at will have Morning Prayer Office of Readings (at the normal time for mass) and vespers (which is official part of the Easter Season)

the church has more liturgies then just the (big S) Sacraments

In the Catholic Liturgy of the Hours said by all priests

there is Morning prayer Daytime and Office of readings on Saturday. Evening prayer is part of the Easter Season and so is Night prayer.

But all other liturgies (except anointing of the sick, which really is a liturgy) are not done on this day. The one day where there is no consecration of the Eucharist.

Morning Prayer is common among the parishes in my area on Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

My parish has a short prayer service on Holy Saturday morning. It is immediately followed by the Polish tradition of blessing the Easter foods. My son and I go every year (we are Polish-American). Getting our baskets of food blessed has always been one of my favorite Easter customs, ever since I was a little child.

Most parishes usually have Morning Prayer on Good Friday and Holy Saturday. It’s not a Mass.

My parish has the Morning Prayer on Holy Saturday and then the blessing of the Easter foods at noon.

My parish is also doing Holy Saturday morning prayer with blessing of the Easter foods.

My parish usually has a Holy Saturday morning prayer service and the RCIA catechumens, candidates, and team are expected to attend. Then there is rehearsal for the Vigil.

Sometimes when we see the word “liturgy” we automatically assume “Mass”, but that is not always the case.

Mass is not said on Holy Saturday, in any case. Only Viaticum can be distributed to the gravely ill. The Saturday Vigil is of Easter Sunday and celebrated “after sundown.”

My son asked around, and he confirmed that it is indeed Morning Prayer!

Liturgical trivia: the monastic antiphonary states that “according to an ancient tradition”, the opening verse (“O God, come to my assistance…”) and the hymn are omitted at the Divine Office on Holy Saturday; and the responsory after the reading is replaced by the gradual “Christus factus est”. The Office starts immediately with the first antiphon and psalm.

Another interesting fact: the liturgical color on Holy Saturday is purple, which makes it the third and final scheduled “season” for that color, after Advent and Lent.

Morning Prayer.

We only have the evening mass at 8 pm. in the morning there my self and the flower lady’s there setting up and getting the church ready for that evening mass.

In nomine Patris, + et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.
Introibo ad altare Dei. R: Ad deum qui laetificat juventutem meam.

We will have a Tenebrae service. We chant Lauds and our rector extinguishes the candles placed on the altar, one by one, plunging the Cathedral into darkness, leaving one under the altar, and that one finally brought back out to light, signifying Christ’s resurrection. It’s quite beautiful.

Tenebrae means “shadows” in Latin. This is the service done normally with Matins and Lauds on Holy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

When I went through RCIA, the candidates and catechumens had a rite on Holy Saturday Morning. The catechumens were anointed with the oil of salvation to prepare them for baptism. Everyone was presented with the creed or the our father as well, I think.

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