Holy See calls for action on climate change [CC]


At a recent United Nations conference devoted to climate change, the Holy See’s representative said that "the critical problem of global warming is inextricably bound to the search for …



I am curious what specific action the Holy See recommends…
Assuming the report is accurate.


It would be quite unusual for the Holy See to recommend very specific actions on any moral issue, except in very clear cases, such as recommendations on a proposal to fully recognize gay marriage. But for issues that could have various solutions, and for which individuals and nations of good faith could disagree on what might be the best solutions, the Church leaves the actual implementation decisions up to them.

As for the accuracy of the report, you can decide for yourself by reading the letter from Archbishop James Patrick Green, Apostolic Nuncio, Head of Delegation from the Holy See, as linked in that article.


It is even more unusual for the Holy See to comment on scientific issues. The last time they did that it didn’t work out so well for them, and I’m thinking it would probably have been better not to have jumped in the middle of this one either.



It is really sad if it is true that the Holy See has been taken in by the “Global Warming” scam. That is nothing more than a sophistic attempt, using fake data. The falsification of their data has been shown many times and now NOAA has shown that the trend has been to lower global temperatures over the last 5 to 8 years.
Again, it is so sad and embarrassing to see the Holy See being duped by this sophistic scheme.


Clearly the Holy Spirit wasn’t sought for advice before making this decision.


Well, the Vatican does have the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, so it would seem the Holy See is not coming to these conclusions based on the uninformed opinions of stupid priests. You have to ask yourself, which is more likely? That that Vatican with all its resources has been duped? Or that you have been duped?


While this issue does rely heavily on science, it is also a issue that touches on stewardship, which is an appropriate topic for the Church to address. If you read the address by Archbishop Green, it is clear that the Church is not jumping into the middle of the scientific details, but is focused only on the morality of the issue.


i like taking good care of God’s beautiful creation, to the best of my ability.:wink:


Can you link us to the Pontifical Academy Sciences report on global warming?


So am I. I am also not pushing massive tax and regulation schemes that will impoverish people in the name of mitigating global warming.


Um. I dont think you want to go there.


As if this hasn’t been debated since the ozone layer depletion.


Why do you think there should be one?


Again, full-context seems to be important:

“An effective fight against global warming will be possible only with a collective and responsible answer” that overcomes one-sided or special interests and is “free from political and economic influence,” he said.


Catholic website on this topic:



You claimed they were the reason the Church could authoritatively speak on global warming


I would also look at what was said in regards to the whole word because one of the documents mentioned the Tsunami in the Philippines, that is what it says.

Parts of Latin America, Mexico City in particular, perhaps China, I am sure one could look at the world and say, there are some who pollute who need to be corrected. There is a lot to the equation.

Also, when the Tsunami hit Japan, it hit the nuclear reactor. There are things environmentally to consider.


well i guess that’ll never happen, anymore than the war on poverty.:frowning:


So is this a matter of faith where the science involved doesn’t matter? Because if it is a matter of science then it is not a question of faith and the opinions emanating from the Vatican are not particularly relevant. Nor is this a question of stewardship. We are not choosing between whether we should be good stewards or not but whether good stewardship means choosing option A or option B.

If you read the address by Archbishop Green, it is clear that the Church is not jumping into the middle of the scientific details, but is focused only on the morality of the issue.

This is not a moral issue as there is no moral choice to be made. It is neither more nor less moral to believe AGW is or is not accurate. That is a scientific question, not a moral one.



Yes, and why does that mean there should be a report published by the Holy See on the science of it?

Let me give you an analogy. Suppose the Church addressed world leaders making a plea for protection of Christians in Syria. Would it be necessary that they also provide an original academic paper demonstrating that Christians in Syria are in fact being persecuted? Or could they simply refer to what is already generally known about the situation in Syria from other sources?

I’m not sure why you are asking for this report? Is it to show that the Church has been lazy in forming the position they have? What is the point of that request of yours?

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