Holy See emphasizes family's role in poverty eradication


In other words, it’s just a useless effort that will prolong poverty! For poverty to be eradicated, the governments and corporations of the world need to invest in education and the creation of jobs. What do you do when family contributions do not even begin to end poverty? Sit back and let the status quo continue? No! Western societies are morally obligated to help. Societies’ failure to act, is sinful!

Is this really what Pope Francis meant, or is it a twist by the media, forgetting to report everything that the pope stands for in the war on poverty?

3.5 million innocent children dying of starvation (in agony) yearly is a crime against humanity, and the Vatican is morally obligated to report it as such and bring this awful plight to light in its members!

“Whoever shuts their ears to the cry of the poor will also cry out and not be answered.”
~ Proverbs 21:13

The Church, it seems, is not immune from the ill effects of this statement from Proverbs!

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PS if the Church is so concerned with the awful plight of immigration, why not with the even more awful plight of starving children?

“PS if the Church is so concerned with the awful plight of immigration, why not with the even more awful plight of starving children?”

Why would this be the case?

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the archbishop added that those “urgently affected by the scourge of poverty and hunger” are women, children, and youth.


OK, I missed that, that’s one; what about the more general topic of it being the families contributions that are supposed to alleviate poverty in the world?

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I’d be assuming what your attempting to convey, you’ll have to clarify. What about family contributions to the Church and poverty?

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