Holy See Ordo


I know that the Holy See publishes an annual Ordo for the Celebration of Mass and the Recitation of the Divine Office. I have seen it on sale in a Catholic book shop.

Can anyone please tell me if there is an online version anywhere on the Net.


I don’t know about the Holy See, but I do know that the Ordo tends to vary from country to country as well as from Province to Province within each country. For instance, if you are in the Diocese of Richmond, VA, then you would use the Ordo of the Province of Baltimore, since there are feasts which are observed within the province and individual dioceses within it that may not be observed elsewhere.

You can find the Ordos for the United States here:



The Holy See does publish one. As I said in my OP I have actually seen it.

That will depend where you are. In England and Wales they are published by each diocese, not by province or by the episcopal conference. Each one contains the celebrations in the General Calendar, the particular calendar for England or Wales, and the particular calendar of the diocese.

Thanks, but US ordos are of no use to me.

Traditionally it belonged to the diocese to issue an ordo with the local saints included. Almost certainly there is such ordo issued for the diocese of Rome with the local offices and masses.

Recently for the Traditional Latin Mass and Office were issued ordo representing the Universal Calendar; most notable

  • Daniele DiSorco ordo (available through the Lulu for 2008, 2009; only in printed form for 2010 and may be 2011). This is in Latin

  • Latin Mass Society in England. This is in English and includes all the dioceses of England

  • FSSP ordo available only in booklet form, widely distributed

(google for each)

Thank you for your suggestions.

These are not what I am looking for.

I am not asking if the Holy See publishes a universal ordo based on the General Roman Calendar. I know they publish one; I have seen a copy with my own eyes in a Catholic bookshop.

What I would like to know if it is available anywhere on the Internet. I realise that it may not be. However, in this day and age it is possible that it is.

Which year and for which rite was that Ordo what you had seen? What language was it written? Who was the publisher? Do you recognize any other details?


look for the ordo for 2011 and confer it with this


I do not recall the year. The rite was the Roman Rite Ordinary Form.


The Holy See

I believe you might mean ‘remember’. The answer is no.

There is a publication in your first link, which I am almost sure is the one I’m looking for: Ordo missae celebrandae et divini officii persolvendi published by Libreria Editrice Vaticana.

Thank you for the research you have done.

If you get it (there is one for every year since 2004), please let me know it that is for the New Ordo and Liturgy of Hours, or for the Traditional Mass and Breviary.

I think they do it for both. The one I saw in the bookshop was for the Ordinary Form. Since you have helped me to find the name of the publication I have done a search for it on Google. The only ones that I can find on the Net to download are for the Extraordinary Form.

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