Holy sites in US?

My family and I want to go on vacation, and we thought since we couldn’t decide where to go, we might plan it around some holy site we could visit. Does anyone know of any good holy sites to visit in the US, or any resources to help find one?

Not sure if The Shrine or EWTN have actually been Consecrated.:wink: However many of us on the Forums can recommend it as a family vacation. Not only have we prayed with the Sisters, but the kids actually played some card games with them. They love to see Catholic Families and a good way to ask some devout, high powered ladies for prayers for your family.:smiley:


From Ohio, just get on I-65 in Louisville and head south, when you get to Alabama take a left on Exit 299, follow the signs to the Shrine, you can’t miss it.:smiley:

I see you’re in Ohio, and I don’t know how far you want to travel, but there’s always San Antonio, TX with it’s missions. We took our family there last summer and spent the day following the mission trail, had a picnic lunch, and took LOTS of pictures! The Riverwalk and the Alamo (one of the missions) are two other attractions we never miss when we go there. And they’re FREE! (of course, if you want to splurge, there’s also SeaWorld of Texas, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the SA Zoo, and much more.) www.sanantoniovisit.com

Northern New Mexico also has a lot of places to visit. Santa Fe, the state capital, has, among other attractions, the oldest church in the USA and the Loretto Chapel spiral staircase (believed to have been built by St. Joseph himself). While there, attend Mass at the Carmelite Monastery and tell my SIL, Sr. Marie Bernadette, that I sent you! Nearby is Rancho de las Golondrinas which is a living history museum showing life in colonial New Mexico, the Santuario de Chimayo, the Indian pueblos with their mission churches, and Albuquerque, the largest city in the state, with its Old Town plaza, zoo, aquarium, and much more. www.newmexico.org

Hope this helps!

belvue Ohio, sorrowful mother shrine, s. of fremont/bowling green turnpike exit.

OL of Lebanon Shrine in Jackson (warren/youngstown area)

OL Lourdes shrine in Euclid on chardon Rd.

St Peter in Chains Cathedral in Cincinnati

look at diocesan websites, and Catholic travel sites

also look up CAtholic Colleges. U of Dayton has huge archival/library collection on all things related to Mary, see if they have a museum or art collection (have not been there in I bet 30 yrs).

where in Ohio? how far do you want to travel? how long do you have?

Catholic Digest and I am sure other Catholic magazines have special travel features on shrines and pilgrimage sites this time of year, check out some websites.

San Antonio is indeed a great choice…we lived there for ten years and LOVED it. There are several missions as well as the beautiful San Fernando Cathedral; the Riverwalk is a must-see; and there are tons of thing to do. One special suggestion would be to go to Schlitterbahn, which is in a town nearby and worth every cent!:thumbsup:

I’m going to the Shrine in Hanceville, Alabama tomorrow, for the weekend. This is my second trip. The first time we went there, then the Ave Maria Grotto, then we visited a really nice old Church in Cullman, Alabama and finished up the trip by visiting the EWTN chapel at the studio.

Check the photos out of Sacred Heart Church in Cullman, Alabama. I see white water rafting is offered somewhere close by from some of those pictures.

This tiime we’re planning on spending all day Saturday at the Shrine. I felt we rushed through the first trip to see the other places. They’re all worth the visit though, in my opinion.

God Bless,
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If you are traveling on 80 in Indiana be sure to stop at the University of Notre Dame. The basilica of the Sacred Heart is beautiful and they have a museum. The grotto, a smaller scale replica of Lourdes is a frequent stop for visitors.

In Sturbridge MA there is the Shrine of Divine Mercy.

In DC you have to go to the Basilica and National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. You can spend a whole day there. It is on the campus of Catholic University.

The National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (in DC) has already been mentioned. Right next to the National Shrine is the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center another location visited by B16. About a mile away from the National Shrine is a beautiful Franciscan Monestary that contains re-creations of most of the major Shrines in the Holy Land.

There web page is here:

On the way to DC you could visit the National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Info here:
Which is just a couple of miles from the Lourdes Grotto

I second MD and DC! Plus you can go to the beach - Ocean City, MD or Rehoboth Beach, DE. There’s lots to do in DC - the Smithsonians, Treasury, Ford’s Theatre, Nat’l Zoo etc. In Baltimore there’s a great aquarium, zoo, a railroad museum, the Inner Harbor etc.

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