Holy Spirit Interactive

Anyone know anything good or bad about the website Holy Spirit Interactive?

No one has any info on this site?

Perhaps it would help if u posted a URL?

I am thinking that I am not supposed to do that? You can find it if you goggle “Holy Spirit Interactive” or got to
holyspiritinteractive dot net
Hope that gets folks there without violating any rules.

I haven’t read much of the ‘Holy Spirit Interactive’ so can’t really comment on it. But as for posting URLs (links) on here, I believe it is generally O.K. (actually advised, according to the rules):

*]Do not paste articles from web sites into a post. If you wish to reference an article on the web, link to its web address, instead.[/LIST]

However, you ought to give a warning a warning if there is anything objectionable on the site.

But my whole point is to see if the site has already been vetted and found to be objectionable or not.

I know. I’m just saying, feel free to type out whole URLs in their regular format in future. :thumbsup:

Catholic Culture is a website which does site reviews. It examines a website’s orthodoxy, its resources and its useability.

Holy Spirit Interactive was rated Excellent in all three categories.

As a comparison, the National Catholic Reporter is rated Danger for orthodoxy, Poor for resources and Excellent for useability.

Dale, Thank you so much for mentioning/explaining/providing a linke for Catholic Culture, first time I’d heard of it and didn’t know there was such a site!

You’re welcome, Margaret! I stumbled across Catholic Culture a few years ago - its amazing how blind luck sometimes brings up gems.

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