Holy Spirit is Mother of the Church?


A good friend of mine just started her Master of Theology at the local seminary. During a conversation about an odd sermon at our parish (God is our Mother) she told me that the students were being taught that the Holy Spirit is the Mother of the Church and that the Third Person of the Trinity is, in fact, female!

This just seems to be a completely bizarre manifestation of feminist theology. I 'd be grateful for your input. :confused:


On the surface I would probably agree that it is rad-fem balderdash. Which seminary does she attend? Knowing that or at least which denomination the seminary is affiliated with might shed some light on what is being taught there.

I was taught as a Baptist that the Holy Spirit expresses the more female type attributes of God. For example, in Genesis 1:2 the Holy Spirit is described as ā€œbroodingā€ over creation until it is fully birthed. And he also is sent by Christ to nurture us. There are also other examples.

What I was NEVER taught is that the Holy Spirit IS female.:dts:



The Holy Spirit like God is really sexless - Jesus is both man and God. We do often times refer to God as ā€œfatherā€ Jesus the man taught us that and as Jesus is One With God the analogy fitsā€¦Male and Female - ness are attributes of our human naturesā€¦

That said the Holy Spirit is sometimes spoken of in the feminineā€¦mostly due to the references in the Wisdom literatureā€¦below is from the Book of Wisdom Chapter 6:

For those who keep the holy precepts hallowed shall be found holy, and those learned in them will have ready a response.
11 Desire therefore my words; long for them and you shall be instructed. 12 Resplendent and unfading is Wisdom, and she is readily perceived by those who love her, and found by those who seek her. 13 She hastens to make herself known in anticipation of menā€™s desire; 14 he who watches for her at dawn shall not be disappointed, for he shall find her sitting by his gate. 15 For taking thought of her is the perfection of prudence, and he who for her sake keeps vigil shall quickly be free from care; 16 Because she makes her own rounds, seeking those worthy of her, and graciously appears to them in the ways, and meets them with all solicitude. 17 For the first step toward discipline is a very earnest desire for her; then, care for discipline is love of her; 18 love means the keeping of her laws; To observe her laws is the basis for incorruptibility; 19 and incorruptibility makes one close to God; 20 thus the desire for Wisdom leads up to a kingdom. 21 If, then, you find pleasure in throne and scepter, you princes of the peoples, honor Wisdom, that you may reign as kings forever. 22 Now what wisdom is, and how she came to be I shall relate; and I shall hide no secrets from you, But from the very beginning I shall search out and bring to light knowledge of her, nor shall I diverge from the truth. 23 Neither shall I admit consuming jealousy to my company, because that can have no fellowship with Wisdom. 24 A great number of wise men is the safety of the world, and a prudent king, the stability of his people; 25 so take instruction from my words, to your profit.

It is sad that the feminists feel the need to bring politics into the fray and in response others than focus on de-feminizing the references. That changes our focus from studying Godā€™s Word and exploring the scripturesā€¦Deepening our spirituality and becoming the Christians were are called to beā€¦Serving mankind; being the Hands and Heart of God to the worldā€¦

God - the Trinity has many facitsā€¦our poor minds grapple with the imagery------in fact there is a passage in one place [forgive me I am at work and forget where in the Bible Old or New Testiment it is] we are told that God cares for us like a mother nursing her young!


Thank you for the responses. Without naming names, the seminary is Catholic and is on Long Island, NY. This was very disheartening to hear since we heard that the PFI program, which is also associated with that seminary, was ā€œcleaned upā€ - in other words, the rad fem women-as-priests-and-deacon crew were removed as instructors. I guess thereā€™s a remnant. :frowning:


When Jesus gave Mary to John from the cross, she became our mother, the mother of the church, the mystical body of Christ. I am thinking that this seminary is teaching speculative ideas about our relationship to the three persons of the trinity because teaching settled theology to neophytes is just so dull and unexciting. It is so much more fun to be on the ā€œcutting edgeā€ you know. Then these neophytes, now educated with Masters in Theology invade our parishes as DREs etc. and try to teach this half baked stuff to our kids and theologically uneducated adults as the absolute truth, which in fact they only half undedstand themselves.:shrug:


Well, in all ā€œfairnessā€ to the instructors, they did tell these very excited new students to ā€œcheck their preconceived notions at the doorā€ and ā€œforget everything you think you knowā€ about the faith. Hmmm.

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