Holy Spirit?


A couple of years ago I reached a low point in my life. Every thing that could possibly go wrong had done so - Big Time. My marriage had ended in disaster, funding for my job ended and I was left unemployed and eventually found myself homeless and living in a tent. Even my old collie dog up and died right in the middle of everything. I was in my early 50’s and everything I had ever believed in had just disappeared.
I kept trying to get my life back on track but it seemed every direction I set off in just ended up in a blind alley. Finally I just gave up and resigned myself to a sort of self induced paralysis - basically too frightened to do anything in case of yet another failure.

I was fortunate in having met someone who steered me towards the Catholic church. I just turned up one night at the Priests’ asking if I could go to his Church. That was a big step for me - a final and public recognition and humiliation that I was unable to cope on my own.

Since that night, I’ve become obsessed with reading the bible and finding out everything I can about the teachings of the Church. Without the Church there really is nothing else that is positive in my life. My Deacon tells me that it is the Holy Spirit working through me.

Some times I agree with him but of late I’m beginning to suspect it’s just a way of me avoiding life and that whilst I should continue with the Church I really should be doing more to get my life back on track. I pray constantly for courage and direction but I still feel lost and unsure and guilty.



Perhaps I should add that during prayer and especially attending Mass (I cant take communion but I am encouraged to go up to receive a blessing) I am very often overwhelmed with a sense of peace, love and well being. I just feel that I should be doing more. The parable of the talents is more and more uppermost in my mind and I dont want to end up not using the gifts I have been blessed with.


I just want to encourage you. You’re on the right track! Don’t stop seeking Him. :heart:


I am a convert-in-process…

I never went through anything you did before being steered toward the Catholic Church by another Catholic. All I can say is that I am glad to be following the Holy Spirit in the direction of Rome! :slight_smile: If it wasn’t for the Catholic Church, I probably wouldn’t be holding onto the Christian faith at the moment. Cling to Mother Mary!

My prayers are with you and enjoy the journey home!


Yes, it is the Holy Spirit. As you continue to allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, you will discover life in a way that you have never experienced life before. At the moment you may need to rest as the Holy Spirit prepares you for what God has planned. Continue to be open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
As Jesus say, “my yoke is easy and my burden light.”


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