holy spirit

I guess in speaking of the trinity, love is an aspect of all. But in particular of the holy spirit what does that mean?


Particular of the holy spirit.
In fact, all the good we have physical or mental are God’s grace given to us. For example, sunlight, air, body, our soul, relatives, neighbors, animals, plants, rivers, mountains and so on. Any gift or grace since redemption and eternal life for us even lift thanks to communion with the brothers in faith.

The love between the Father and Son is strong that it is an entity unto itself: The Holy Spirit.

Entity or personage? If there’s a difference.


Person! The Holy Spirit is a Person!

Well I say “personage” because things can have a personage other than a “human”. Sometimes the term “person” is implied (though incorrectly) to be a human. The holy spirit isn’t “human” but I guess person, yes.

Ok. So there are three “entities” that are separate that are God? Also the Summa speaks of an inward progression. Most everyone else speaks about outward progression. I don’t know if the church is just trying to make an argument about being different so they can be right and everyone else wrong; or that there is a difference. This might not be that important. But among us Philosophers we can be kinda picky about terms.

Jesus talked so much about the holy spirit working with us after he left. It's easier to come to Jesus through Mary. But what about coming to Holy Spirit? Should that be directly or through Christ? Does it matter? :shrug:

I hope I’m making sense.


I like to pray “Come Holy Spirit, come through Mary.” Our Blessed Mother is called the spouse of the Holy Spirit.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church can explain well about the Three Persons, One God.

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