Holy Thursday, on the way home


I have been writing these daily meditations in my online journal during Lent. I wanted to share the one I wrote today. There was/is such a special atmosphere…
(And after writing so many scrupulous posts I also want to share something inspiring. With the danger that I’ll start feeling scrupulous about sharing this because maybe I also share it because I think I put it into words well…)


Holy Thursday

Coming home from the mass of the Lord’s Supper. Everything seems quiet now. I have walked through the night, praying. A somber atmosphere as I get home - quiet here, too. Now the solemn, quiet time has begun.
And still there is a feeling of spring in the air. A mild night, stirring up memories. The moon big and full in the sky. The hope that lives everywhere, in us, around us, the hope that comes from God, from God Who is always there and has never let us down.

Who gives us the quiet and sad times, but also the joy. The light at the end of the tunnel. The new morning after a long dark night.
The deep breath we can take when relief comes over us.

God Who has walked the hardest way for us and carried all our sins, but was then resurrected, rose again - that also is now, already, in the air. In the mild spring air under the full spring moon. New hope, for a new life. But first, the quiet time.


What a great way to start Good Friday. Very peaceful, very solemn and reverent. Thank you!


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