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One of the main architects of this failed agreement was ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Enough said!


This is a very good article which should be read by many. Unfortunately, I think that some here will read it but not comment and hope that it drops into obscurity as the account is unpalatable. If the guests of Catholic parliamentarians engaged in a lawful private gathering in Portugal can be harassed by staff from a foreign embassy in an attempt to stop the meeting mentioned, it will happen elsewhere in the western world and such is the present position of most western leaders, lay and clerical, regarding Catholicism, protection as rightly provided by the Portuguese state against the might of China for Catholics can not be guaranteed.


Do you think people really don’t want to read tough articles on this website? I think you underestimate people’s tough faith

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Since Mao this poor country has be one of the most oppressed, if not THE most oppressed throughout the world. Communist Russia and the Eastern Bloc were bad enough, with their gulags, torture and death, but China took it to new heights. How long must these people suffer this demonic regime. . . .

But for the Vatican to enter into an agreement with the devil incarnate is . . . very damaging to the devout Chinese Catholics of the underground Church who have suffered for decades. What can the Pope et al be thinking!!!
Let us pray for the conversion of China and the collapse of communism worldwide, but especially in China.


It looks as if your prediction was correct.

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