Holy Virgin Cathedral ROCOR new photos

Holy Virgin Cathedral Joy of all Who Sorrow, ROCOR, in San Francisco has just posted some *wonderful * new photos from this past Sunday, Sunday of Orthodoxy, on their Facebook page.

Also, their beautiful choir will be having a concert this Sunday March 11 at the nearby Latin Catholic Church, Star of the Sea, “Concert of Sacred Choral Music of the Russian Orthodox Church”.

How I love ROCOR! :love:

This is such a beautiful Cathedral! I hope they will be getting more interior photos up. These from Sunday of Orthodoxy give some sense of the Cathedral, although they of course focus on the clergy. :slight_smile:

WOW and BEAUTIFUL is all I can say…

Thank you for posting

Simply Beautiful…!!

Absolutely remarkable.


That’s beautiful! I’ve been to Orthodox liturgies a few times, always a beautiful experience.

I would like so much to visit Holy Virgin, and to venerate the relics of St. John of SF, and Shanghai.

It could not be my permenent place of worship, I don’t know Slavonic and I am terrified of earth quakes.

The ROCOR churches I have attended had Divine Liturgy and the hours in English.

You should check it out in Church Slavonic some time. You don’t have to understand the language to know that it is heavenly! :slight_smile:


It’s such a blessing having St. John there.

They now have one monthly Sunday DL in English 7:30AM. I think it’s usually at the end of the month. I see it on the calendar March 25th. It depends on who the clergy is that day, but I’ve been in Vespers Sat. nights that was about half English, half Church Slavonic.

We had a couple nice little quakes as a morning wake up day before yesterday. Little is good. LOL

Are you in the city? I have stayed in San Jose and Oakland. The city frightens me esp if you wander into the wrong neighborhoods.

It’s a good place for public transport though, never need a car.

Is the cathedral locked, I don’t thnk I could make it at 7:30. I am older and infirm and have to sleep a lot…

I would love to visit San Francisco and visit the church to venerate the relics of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco. He is one of my very favorite saints–he was such a holy and inspiring man. God has used him to work many miracles. The oil from the vigil lamps is used by many priests I know when annointing for healing.

georgeous !

Yes, just beautiful! Thanks for posting the link.

Truly a beautiful house of God…

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