Holy war of words ends with Good Friday's return in Davenport

This is a minor story, as new stories go, but perhaps of interest here.

The City of Davenport will observe Good Friday after a name change sparked a holy war of words. The city Civil Rights Commission voiced a concern that calling the upcoming paid city holiday “Good Friday” violated the separation of church and state but the change to the “Spring” holiday had at least one alderman calling the move “political correctness run amuck”.

Last spring the commission sent a letter to city leaders concerned that observing Good Friday was in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

“We have no problem with a holiday, we don’t think the day ought to be changed or anything like the union contract ought to be changed in any kind of way”, Hart said, “but just call it something else to respect the diversity of the people of the City of Davenport.”

Second Ward Alderman Bill Edmond strongly disagrees with that idea saying, “We have had no citizen come forward and say they don’t like this.”


Davenport is Iowa’s third largest city and part of the Quad Cities metro area, located along the Mississippi River.

I grew up in a much smaller town in Iowa, and the school district has always given the day off to students, but about 20 years ago, to avoid any Church-State entanglements required teachers and staff to work that day, declaring it a teacher prep day.

Unbelievable. Just like the red necks protesting Martin Luther King Day.

How about this? If the name of any holiday offends you, feel free to go to work in protest. The rest of us will enjoy the day off. Sheesh! It’s not like anyone’s being forced to participate in Good Friday services in order to get the day off! :shrug:

In Christ,


“We respect diversity and therefore want to squash all references to the Christian religion. Once your religion is no longer allowed to be acknowledged or mentioned, we will have successfully respected diversity.”

so they’re happy with having the holiday … as long as they don’t have to be reminded why it is a holiday, Oy

I worked for a firm once that merged with an overseas firm and for the first time found itself with a large number or non-Christians employees
what they did was declare a “floating” holiday so that if you were a Christian you could take off Good Friday
and if you weren’t or didn’t care you could take some other day off and call it what you wanted

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